Tote your Tush - $214.20 $252

Tushbaby + Totebaby , Changing Pad & Organizer

At home, at the park, at daycare, the Tote your Tush bundle has everything you need when it all needs to go.  Tushbaby has four handy pockets you can use to stash your stuff, with plenty of spots for your keys, phone, and wallet, even after stocking it with diapers. When you’re heading out the door, tuck your Tushbaby into our newest diaper tote, the Totebaby! It comes stocked with an organizer, fold-up changing pad, extra crossbody strap, and divider pocket, perfectly designed to hold a Tushbaby. All of these additions are removable, so you can swap ‘em out for a yoga mat and a bottle of wine when you want.

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