Are there any COVID-19 shipping delays?

To date, TushBaby's fulfillment center has not had issues meeting our fulfillment promise of handing off packages to the shipping carriers the same day for all orders placed in the morning. If placed in the afternoon we do our best to hand them off the same day but in many cases they are handed off the next business day. However, our large carrier partners UPS, FedEx and USPS are being inundated with a record-high volume of parcels. As a result, for some orders, we have seen unusually long transit times.

Currently, there is no way for Tushbaby to predict when one of the carriers will fail and for how long. With this in mind, TushBaby can't issue refunds on transit time guarantees violated by the carriers. It is a known issue amongst the carriers and a factor beyond our control. Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping method at checkout.

Is there an age or weight limit for TushBaby?

TushBaby can be used for kids up to 3 years old, or 44lbs. From 0-6 months, TushBaby can be used as breastfeeding support. Once those little nuggets can hold their own heads up, it’s the perfect place for them to hang out while you hold on.

How long is the waistband?

The waistband is 47.24 inches long. But you lose a few inches where the two waistbands overlap to secure the Velcro. We recommend TushBaby for those with a 44-inch waist or smaller.

Is there an option for a longer waistband?

Yes our extension belt is sold separately for $14.99 and it allows you to add up to 24 inches in length to the waistband. Please note the Waistband Extender only ships free when purchased with one or more TushBabies.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! International shipping costs will be automatically calculated at checkout. You'll have the option for DDP (International taxes & duties included in the shipping price) or DDU (International taxes & duties unpaid) at check out.

You say fast shipping. When do orders actually go out?

This is maybe the most popular question. Here's what's up: We ship from 3 locations in the USA and your package will ship from the closest ones to you to ensure fast delivery. All orders placed in the morning are handed of to the shipping carriers the same day.
We try our best to get afternoon orders handed off the same day, but in some cases they go out the following business day.

Please note that our shipping centers are closed on weekends and holidays. So if you happen to order a TushBaby on a Saturday or on Thanksgiving day your shipment will go out the following business day. Neither FedEx or USPS deliver on weekends.

Do you ship 2-3 Day to HI & AK?

Unfortunately the shipping carriers can only deliver 2-3 day within the continental US. If you're shipping to HI & AK the delivery time is typically 3-5 days but can vary and can take up to two weeks, and in rare cases longer.

What’s the return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy. If it turns out that TushBaby isn’t your bag, head over to our Returns page, fill out your email and order number, and we'll hook you up with a pre-paid return label. All returns must include original retail packaging, tags and the user manual attached. Once we’ve received your return, we’ll process your refund within 10 business days. If you send your TushBaby back without the original tags, we can’t accept your return for safety reasons. Already tossed the box? You’ll just need to cover shipping and a 15% restocking fee. For any additional questions, please email us at

What’s your warranty?

Our carriers come with 1-year product warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects. If you need product support or replacement for broken carriers, email us at with your replacement request, a photo of the defected part, your order number, and your shipping information. We’ll get you the support and stuff you need STAT. Our warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or damages caused by the user. So like, spaghetti sauce stains wouldn’t fly here.

What's the difference between TushBaby and the cheaper hip seats on Amazon?

Every TushBaby is made with craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and love. We've prioritized your baby's hip health, and have gone through rigorous safety testing, and doctor-approval processes. We're not going to sit here and bash other brands that have jumped on the hip seat bandwagon. But if you want to see a side-by-side comparison, take a gander at the infographic below.

Is TushBaby recommended by doctors?

Why yes it is. We have endorsements from a pediatrician for babies, and a chiropractor for adults.

  • “TushBaby's hipseat puts the child's hips in the proper "M" shaped position with thighs supported, also known as the "Spread Squat Position”. Sitting with this alignment decreases the risk of hip dysplasia. As a result, TushBaby is an anatomically safe product for babies' bodies.”

    - Dr. Andrew L. Nash, M.D. (Pediatrician)
  • “I can't tell you how many adult back injuries I've seen that started with ‘So, I was carrying my baby and…’ TushBaby is the perfect product for reducing the muscular strain on the spine while holding young children. Its ergonomic design eliminates the detrimental position parents resort to while carrying their kids — where they push their hips out and curve their spines. If you want to stay out of my office, I highly recommend TushBaby.”

    - Dr. Nicholas Cruze, D.C. (Chiropractor)
  • "TushBaby has been saving my back and wrist while I multi-task with my baby on my hip. I highly recommend it to all my patients to help balance their body while carrying their little ones."

    -Dr. Kseniya Gershberg, DC (Chiropractor)
  • I’ve been a general pediatrican for over 20 years and often have parents, colleagues, or friends show me new products for babies and children. I often like the products. However, when I saw TushBaby on Shark Tank, I reached out to the company as I had to see for myself if it was really as good as advertised. Surprisingly, it was BETTER. It’s rare to see a product that makes day to day life so much easier for parents, yet is still comfortable for the baby and most importantly safe. Parents of babies have a lot on their plate, and literally a lot to carry. TushBaby is a game changer. I truly believe TushBaby will change how new parents carry their babies and will be the new baby carrier standard.

    -Jason Bromberg M.D. (Pediatrician)
  • "As a physical therapist and mama, I love that the TushBaby offers my low back, neck and shoulders a break while still allowing me to carry my baby. Had I known about this carrier during pregnancy it would have 100% been on my registry!"

    - Dr. Betsey Caldwell (Physical Therapist & Postpartum Coach)
Is there Velcro on the waistband belt?

Yes, because it’s safe, secure, and we love the sound of it.

Is there a user manual for this thing?

You bet. Download our short-and-sweet instructions right here. (It’s a pretty simple product.)

Are the materials safe for babies?

Aww, you’re a good caregiver. Yes, TushBaby™ has been approved by global-wide safety standards and verified through SGS testing. SGS is a world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

What is a hip seat?

A hip seat is kinda like fanny pack (also known as a bum bag), but way better. Here's why. A hip seat is a simple baby carrier that wraps around your waist and sits above your hips to help you carry your baby more comfortably, and with less hassle. There's a secure shelf-like seat where your baby sits, while you hold them with an arm. This seat is designed to put your baby's hips in the recommended M-shaped position while taking the strain off of your back, arms, and hips. It's also designed to store items like diapers, wipes, and other essentials inside.

Can I follow you on social media?

YAS. Follow us for deals, steals, dad jokes, and witty one-liners (well, depending on how much we sleep we got).

Is it machine washable?

Why yes it is. Remove the plastic insert, throw it in the wash on cold, lay it flat to dry, and your TushBaby will be good as new. Just make sure to empty the storage pockets first!

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