"I've spent thousands of dollars on baby gear over the years and TushBaby is my favorite and most helpful by far."

- Dane Whelsh

"My favorite thing about the TushBaby is that I don’t have straps dangling from me when I take my daughter off anymore. I leave it on and put her down and back on as needed."

- Lindsey Meltzer

"Tushbaby is a total game changer!!! I take Tushbaby with me everywhere. It has made trips to the park, dropping off, and picking up my 4 year old daughter from preschool with an infant, so much easier!"

- Mona Rizzardi

"As a grandma I have to say TushBaby has helped me immensely. It’s always been hard for me to hold my grandchildren but now it’s easy peasy. "

- Rose Duignan

"I’m a guy so I don’t have any hips to help me support carrying my kid, so it puts extra strain on my arms. When I use the TushBaby it eliminates that. And it looks way cooler than a strap in carrier."

- Jared Smith

"The storage pockets are life changing! I love how I only need to take TushBaby with us now, and I have everything I need."

- Stephanie Rigdon