Tammy Rant: Founder. Mother of two. Lover of dogs. Career saleswoman who once poured wine for Oprah. Tammy was shocked to find no easy way to carry her babies comfortably, so she created her own solution with TushBaby.

Sara Azadi: Chief Marketing Officer. TushBaby Co-founder. Executive Digital Strategist with a fondness for ill-behaved dogs. Sara digs deep to untangle complex business problems and unearth relatable human truths. She also digs beaches — whether she's building castles in the sand with her native California fam, or winning 4 Cannes Lions in France.

Riley Rant: Creative Director. Method Writer. Brand Builder. Riley has been in the advertising/marketing/storytelling game for a dozen years now. She was a prodigy, you see, who started her career at age 9.

Kelley Ponto: Graphic designer with 14+ years retail packaging design experience. Certified art nerd. Wife. Mom. Abe Lincoln-obsessed (she even named one of her kids after him — twist!). Kelley specializes in designing for new businesses, weddings & children’s parties. Party on.