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Your all-in-one carrier for ages 0-3.

Tushbaby transforms from a nursing pillow to an ergonomic carrier to a diaper bag, so you can bring less and bond more.

Nurse or bottle feed your infant at home or on the go.

Standard breastfeeding pillows force parents to sit down and put infants in a horizontal position while they feed—which traps gas and causes discomfort. With Tushbaby’s core support, you can sit or stand while feeding, placing your baby at a slant to drink comfortably.

Mom feeding baby a bottle milk using Tushbaby
A mom holding her baby using a Tushbaby

Cuddle and carry your baby with total comfort.

Babies between 6 and 12 months love being held and seeing the world from new heights. But it can get heavy fast. Tushbaby’s plush, ergonomic seat and belt is designed to evenly distribute your baby’s weight—supporting their hips and butts while taking the stress off your arms, shoulders, and back.

Pick your toddler up and put them down fuss and fluster-free.

Once kids start walking, they constantly want “up,” “down,” and “up” again. While traditional carriers strap them in to keep them on you, Tushbaby makes it easy to pick them up when they want to be held, and put them down when they want to explore.

A dad picking up his daughter
A tuishbaby carrying accessories inside it's pocket

Bring everything you need in one convertible carrier.

Stash diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Throw a bottle in the holder and a toy on the ring. Toss your keys, cards, and phone in the side pockets. And you and your little one are ready to roll.

This is something you think you wouldn't need! BUT let me tell you you do need it especially if your little one always wants to be carried! It saves you aches and pains from just carrying your baby and super comfy for both! Total game charger.
Marylou R
We love our TushBaby. The baby loves to be up and viewing the world while comfortably and safely in her new TushBaby. I love the ease and mobility as we go about our day.
Karen Cully
I was a tad skeptical at first.....I have to be honest. But the honest reviews swayed me to give it a try. I am so very glad I did! My granddaughter loves it! My back loves it!This is worth every penny I spent on it!
I’m a grandmother of three and Tushbaby completely saved my back.
Denise C
Our baby loves it. I love it. And my husband won’t stop showing it to all of ourfriends!
Sarah Mayer
We have had multiple different baby carriers, but this takes the cake! Baby stays nice and cool, has more freedom to move around, and it’s easy to lift her up and down.
Brian D
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From newborn to toddlerhood, kids like to be carried. But if you’re carrying your young one frequently or for long periods of time, their weight can put a strain on your back, shoulders, neck, and arms—often leading to body aches, headaches, and minor injuries.

A baby hip seat carrier is specifically designed to evenly distribute your baby’s weight, so you can hold your child longer, and pain-free. The baby hip seat carrier also allows you to easily go from holding your baby to letting them down so they can run around freely. Unlike other carriers that strap your child in, a baby hip seat carrier is perfect for toddlers who are constantly wanting to go up into your arms and down to walk or crawl around.

Non-toxic materials: Our carriers are manufactured completely free of harmful chemicals, approved by global safety standards, and verified through SGS testing (a world-leading testing and certification company). But it’snot just the materials that are safe, Tushbaby’s hip seat design is also made with safety, comfort, and health top of mind.

Doctor-approved: Recommended by pediatricians, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, pelvic floor therapists, and spine surgeons, Tushbaby hip seats are safe for babies and parents. The seat is designed to put your baby’s hips in the proper “M” position also known as the “Spread Squat Position” that’s recommended by pediatricians to decrease the risk of hip dysplasia.

Ergonomic for adults: Tushbaby is designed to be ergonomically sound for parents, grandparents, and caretakers too. The belt evenly distributes the weight of your child—while absorbing quite a bit of their weight as well—helping to reduce strain on your lower back, neck, arms, and shoulders. The Tushbaby hip seat carrier also helps support your posture, keeping you upright and preventing you from popping a hip out (and throwing your spine out of alignment) or putting unnecessary strain on your back muscles to bear the weight.

Safety instructions: To put on the Tushbaby safely, wrap it high and tight around your waist (ABOVE your hips), fasten the buckle, adjust the strap to fit snugly around you, and lock the safety clip. Once the Tushbaby carrier is secure, you can use it as bottle or breastfeeding support for newborns, supporting them with your arms and keeping them at a slant to help with digestion. If your child can hold up their own head, place your baby upright on the Tushbaby seat—flush against your body—keeping an arm around their body, or a hand on their back for support.

Tushbaby hip seat carriers can typically be used from ages 0-3. You can use the Tushbaby as bottle or breastfeeding support for newborns. And once they can support their own neck and head—usually between 4-6 months old— you can sit your baby upright on the Tushbaby, while keeping one hand on them for support. Tushbaby can easily and comfortably support your baby (and your arms and back) until your kid reaches 45 pounds, which is usually around age 3.

Longer lifespan, smarter investment: Tushbaby hip seat carriers are designed to evolve with your children’s changing needs from 0-3. Put a Tushbaby on your registry and you’ll have a single carrier you can use for three years vs a single use carrier, which typically lasts about a year.

Multi-functional product: Tushbaby not only supports your baby and your body, it also serves as a purse and diaper bag. Stash diapers and wipes in the under-the-seat storage, zip your phone up in one pocket and your keys and cards in the other, store a bottle in the bottle holder, and even attach a toy to the loop. This -stacked product is perfect for quick errands or grand adventures alike.

Lightweight and versatile: The Tushbaby hip seat carrier comes with five storage pockets, weighs less than 1-pound, and offers four different carrying positions. The positions are feeding/breastfeeding, side carry, front-facing, and face to face.

Less strain on your neck, shoulders, and back: Hip seat carriers are designed to evenly distribute the weight of your child across your hips, abdomen, and pelvic area—keeping your back safe from excess strain and protecting the muscles in your arms, neck, and shoulders.

A vetted, trustworthy brand: Hip seat carriers have undoubtedly become more popular in recent years. The hype around hip seat carriers grew after Tushbaby appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank. While other brands have tried to imitate Tushbaby, Tushbaby is the only safety-certified hip seat on the market. Created by female founders who wanted to create an easy way to carry kids. Tushbaby now has over 2,500 5-star reviews from customers around the world.


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