Babywearing in the Winter

As a parent with a lot on your plate, you certainly can’t be stopped by some cold weather. Not to mention, getting out and about is good for the whole family’s physical and mental well being. Taking your baby out in the cold can be done with the right preparation. Babywearing is a great option and will keep your baby snuggled close and warm.

Keep reading as we review all the things you should know about safety, warmth, and which carriers are best for babywearing in the cold. 

Babywearing in Cold Weather

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Can you baby wear in the winter?

Babywearing is a great option for any season. Wearing your baby in the winter is a perfect way to keep your baby snuggled close and warm while providing you extra support. Finding a carrier with minimal hassle will be key. Keep in mind, you won't want to have to take your gloves off to adjust lots of straps in the winter. Numb fingers cause delays in adjustment, and potentially one unhappy baby! An open design carrier, such as Tushbaby, requires less adjustment and easier access to the baby, which is preferable for a cold day.

What temperature is too cold to take a baby out in?

It’s important to know that babies are much more sensitive to temperature changes than adults. It's best to avoid taking your little one outside for long periods when the temperature drops below freezing (or 32 degrees). You will want to consider the wind chill as well to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from freezing winds. 

How do you use a baby carrier in cold weather?

Using a baby carrier in the winter can become a little more tricky when the additional layers are added into the mix. Be sure to adjust your carrier indoors before heading out into the cold. This will keep you and your baby much more content in the cold weather. In addition, make sure the baby carrier you choose is easy to adjust — as you may need to adjust it on a regular basis depending on where you live and what the climate is. 

How do I keep my baby warm during babywearing in the winter?

There are plenty of ways to keep your baby warm while babywearing. The warmth from your body is a huge benefit of babywearing in the winter. With the right amount of layers and the perfect amount of snuggles, your baby can feel very comfortable (and safe) during babywearing in the winter. You can even carry your little one close with an added layer around you both, like a large coat or poncho. Things like leg warmers and mittens are a great option to keep those tiny extremities warm as you babywear. 

Can my baby wear a snowsuit in a carrier?

Remember, it is all about safety. A snowsuit might be appropriate given the temperature, but be mindful that you also do not want your baby to be sliding out of the carrier because of their slippery suit. You want to make sure your baby fits properly in the carrier and is safely secured, regardless of what they’re wearing. Getting used to babywearing your little one in their winter layers may come with some practice. Be mindful that no attire should obstruct your baby's face regardless of how cold it is.

What should baby wear in 10 degrees outside?

At 10 degrees, it may be best to keep your little one inside. Layer appropriately for that quick dart to the car or if the need to go outside arises. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, even if just outside for a moment. Cover those ears, hands, and little feet with plenty of warm layers. We know it can sound like quite the task to layer and unlayer, but your baby’s safety depends on it, and winter will be over before you know it! 

What should baby wear outside 20 degrees?

At 20 degrees outside, your baby may need a lot of layers. In general, it is said they will need one more layer than adults would wear. Be prepared with mittens, caps, and even blankets to protect your little one from any cold wind. To avoid overheating, keep an eye on how your baby’s skin feels and the color of your skin. If your baby starts to feel too warm, it may be time to shed a layer. 

What should baby wear in a carrier in winter?

Layers will be your best friend when it comes to baby wearing in the winter. Pack along extra winter accessories to be ready for whatever the cold has in store. While some temperatures just warrant hunkering down inside, there will surely be some winter days where you can safely leave the house. Accessories like leg warmers are a great way to layer your little one’s extremities outside the carrier. 

What should baby wear in a sling in winter?

Whether your baby is in a carrier or sling, you’ll want to dress them appropriately. If you’re going to be out for extended periods in the cold, bundle up! If you’re just going to run errands, dress them in an outfit that will keep them warm, but not too warm once you're inside. Easy-to-shed layers will be key for a day of errands and babywearing in the winter. 

What should baby wear in a wrap carrier in winter?

Any form of babywearing in the winter can help keep you and your baby warm. A wrap carrier calls for similar attire to a traditional hip seat carrier or sling. Ultimately, your baby will need to be in the right amount of layers to keep them warm and a safe material that won’t slide around in a carrier. 

What should baby wear in a hip seat carrier in winter?

A hip seat carrier is a great option when looking for a baby carrier for the winter. The easy on and off of Tushbaby’s  Hip Seat Carrier allows you to quickly adjust when removing or adding a layer in the cold. In addition, its open design allows you to add and remove layers on your baby without adjusting the carrier. As for the wearer, you can add or remove layers easily too, which may or may not call for adjustments to ensure the carrier fits properly. If you need a bit more length in the waist to accommodate the added layers for warmth, be sure to check out Tushbaby’s Waistband Extender. It can provide up to 23” in length for whoever may be carrying your little one through the winter. 

How many layers should baby wear in carrier?

How many layers your baby will be in will depend on how chilly it gets. In general, it is said that babies should be in one more layer than adults to keep warm. Keep in mind that if you are using a sling or wrap carrier, that in itself can be considered a layer. Keep an eye on your baby in any carrier to ensure they don’t seem to be getting too hot, as your body will also be a source of heat for your little one! 

Can you wear baby inside a coat?

The number one priority with baby wearing in any season is safety. When wearing a baby in the winter, wrapping you both in a large coat can provide extra warmth as you snuggle close. If you’ve got that extra roomy coat, feel free to wrap it around both of you. Be cautioned that you will want to be sure not to fully zip the coat, and leave your baby’s face out of the coat without obstructing airways. 

Are there winter baby carrier accessories? 

For some baby carrier types, you can find winter covers that essentially act as a sleeping bag for the baby and the carrier. The Tushbaby Hip Seat’s best winter accessory is the storage pockets that allow you to bring all your little one’s winter necessities along. The five storage pockets give you plenty of space to pack those extra baby mittens, gloves, and caps. 

If you need more waist length for your Tushbaby hip seat carrier, you can grab a Tushbaby Waistband Extender. It easily fastens onto your carrier and allows you more length around the waist. Even if you don’t need the extra length, it’s perfect to have on hand for a family member who may. Winter is filled with occasions that bring the family together, and grandpa would surely appreciate the ergonomic support while he gets the chance to carry your little one around.

Get the support you need for babywearing in cold weather. . .try the #1 hip seat carrier: Tushbaby!

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