Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

Most parents love baby wearing for the obvious reasons: it allows for hands-free mobility, promotes bonding, and in early infancy, it mimics the sensation of being in the womb. Add in the snuggle factor and parents are usually all in!

That said, when it comes to hot weather, you want to make sure that both the baby and the baby-wearer are comfortable. The good news is, baby wearing in summer months is more than doable. Whether you choose a sling, a more structured carrier, or hip carrier, think of your carrier like wearing an extra layer of clothing and dress underneath accordingly.

If you’re wondering about the best baby carrier for hot weather, the answer is whichever one keeps you and your baby cool, dry, and comfortable. Try to find one that is made from a breathable fabric and is versatile enough to be worn several ways.

There are a lot of options out there — keep reading to find out more about the best practices for baby wearing in hot weather.

Are baby carriers safe in hot weather?

Best dressed

As long as you read manufacturer instructions and dress yourself and baby accordingly, there’s no reason why you can’t wear your baby in hot weather.

What should my baby wear in hot weather? Keep in mind that light and breathable fabrics like muslin, linen, and 100% cotton are best to wear in warm climates. Some people like to wear their sporty clothes in the summer months as those “performance” fabrics have wicking material meant to absorb sweat and keep you cool.

Wearing layers can be helpful when it comes to baby wearing in general, but particularly when it’s hot outside. When peeled off, an extra layer of clothing like a t-shirt or light sweater can be used to cover yourself or baby when there’s no shade to be found.

Keep your cool

When possible, stay in the shade when wearing your baby to prevent overheating. Some parents carry around battery operated fans and umbrellas, too. Hats also work well to keep sun off of your baby’s delicate skin — your own wide-brimmed hat can act as a sun barrier for baby. Some parents like to use a cool cloth on baby’s neck or between themselves and baby to ensure that everyone stays cool.

Speaking of cool, remember to carry extra water for yourself and your baby on especially hot days. Hydration is key when it comes to supporting your body and cooling off. If the sunshine is at it’s peak, consider going outside at a different time of day when it’s cooler and you can avoid direct sunlight.

Location, location, location

Wearing your baby on your hip or back is sometimes the best location when it comes to which baby carrier is best for hot weather. As always, check manufacturer instructions to make sure that your baby is age and developmentally appropriate for hip and back carriers, and wear them properly for safety and keeping cool.

Tushbaby is a strap-free, ergonomic hipseat baby carrier that has tons of benefits in any kind of weather:

  • It evenly distributes baby’s weight so you can carry them longer and more comfortably.
  • It alleviates pressure on your back and allows your hips and legs to do most of the work.
  • It promotes baby bonding in comfortable positions with one arm wrapped around baby at all times
  • It puts your baby’s hips in the pediatric-recommended “M” position — a natural position for baby which keeps their knees slightly higher than their tush while supporting their thighs
  • Allows for close contact with baby without complicated straps or instructions

(And it’s ideal for children 8lbs - 45lbs!)

How hot is too hot to baby wear?

Some experts believe that if the temperature is over 80 degrees, it’s not safe for baby to be worn outside. Of course, if you have any concerns whatsoever about wearing your baby in warm weather, use another mode of transportation like a stroller. 

Baby’s bodies aren’t capable of regulating their own temperature yet so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of overheating like:

  • feeling warm to the touch
  • red or splotchy skin
  • rapid heartbeat
  • baby seems tired, confused and/or irritated
  • vomiting

Of course, plenty of people live in warm climates year-round and wear their baby in all kinds of weather. It’s best to trust your instincts when it comes to wearing baby in warm or humid weather.

Can a baby overheat in a sling?

Because babies aren’t capable of regulating their own temperature, it’s important to check on them more frequently when baby wearing in hot weather. While baby wearing, keep in mind that if you’re feeling hot, your baby probably is, too. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear a sling or carrier that is made of lightweight and breathable material. Lighter colored carriers can also have a hand in keeping baby cool.

Some brands even make carriers specific for hot climates. Check out:

Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier

According to their website, “transitioning from indoor air-conditioning to outdoor sun and warmth can be tricky with a baby strapped to you. With the Baby K'tan Breeze you can easily adjust your carrier to accommodate any temperature. Made of a unique cotton-mesh construction, each loop is constructed of jersey knit cotton on one side and a perforated mesh-knit cotton on the other.”

Baby Tula Coast Carrier

We’ve read that Baby Tula is a fan fave for warm weather wear thanks to its well-ventilated, soft-structured carrier that has good back support. When it comes to hot summers in humid, tropical climates, the Tula is a winner! It’s also light-weight and compact enough to be put into a carry-on bag.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier

Ergobaby carriers seem to make every best-of carrier list out there. The Cool Air Mesh is said to be lightweight and perfect for summer use, thanks to its soft and durable mesh fabric that makes it cool and breathable for baby and baby-wearer.  

Again, the best baby carrier for hot, humid weather is one that keeps everyone cool. With so many options available, we’re sure you’ll choose wisely!

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