Does Babywearing Count as Tummy Time for Baby?

Tummy time can help motor skills develop while offering other benefits too. In our busy day-to-day lives, we must find ways to incorporate tummy time. One way to do so is babywearing. Keep reading as we explore tummy time and babywearing.

Can Babywearing Count as a Tummy Time Alternative?

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What is tummy time?

Quite simply, tummy time is any activity that involves putting a baby down on its stomach. It should only be done when the baby is awake and supervised.

Why do babies need tummy time?

Tummy time offers many benefits for babies, including: 

  • Helping to develop motor skills: Tummy time strengthens a baby’s neck and shoulder muscles allowing them to develop motor skills such as head-lifting, sitting up, and crawling.
  • Preventing positional plagiocephaly: When a baby’s head is left in the same position for too long, the skull bone plates might move in a way that creates a flat spot. While it’s recommended to put your baby on its back to sleep, tummy time gives them the chance to experience a different position.

What positions count as tummy time?

A traditional tummy time position involves placing your baby on the floor with a blanket spread beneath them. However, there are other positions that count as tummy time, including:

  • Tummy to chest: This involves placing your baby tummy down on your chest while you are in a reclined position. It’s recommended for newborns.
  • Eye level: To encourage your baby to lift its head, you may want to get down to eye level with your baby during tummy time. You can also bring in a toy and move it around to get your baby to turn its head from side to side.
  • Lap soothing: This involves placing your baby on your lap with one hand on its bottom to stabilize and soothe them.
  • The football hold: Carry your baby tummy down, with one hand between its legs reaching around under its tummy. The other hand should support the baby’s head and shoulders. Hold the baby close for added support.

What is an alternative to tummy time?

If your baby doesn’t like being on its stomach, you may try side lying, which involves placing your baby on its side on a blanket. You can place a rolled-up towel against their back or a small, folded washcloth under their head for added support. Bring the baby’s arms in front of them, bring their legs forward at the hips, and bend their knees for added comfort. Another parent-favorite tummy time alternative is babywearing. Babywearing can encourage muscle building, thus making it a great alternative. The practicality of babywearing makes it safe and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. The Tushbaby Carrier features an ergonomic design for both the baby and the wearer. With an open-face style, it’s ideal for promoting muscle growth while offering skin-to-skin contact. 

Does lying on my chest count as tummy time?

Yes, you can lie your baby on your chest for tummy time. This position is recommended for younger babies.

Does tummy time while babywearing count if baby doesn’t lift head?

Yes, the idea is that tummy time will encourage your baby to start moving its head around when it receives sensory stimulation. It is encouraged at an early age before the baby begins to lift its head. It can be done in a carrier, on the ground, or in any other position that encourages this movement.

Is 2 months too late for tummy time?

No, 2 months is not too late for tummy time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents start tummy time with their babies from day one. Babies who start with tummy time early are more likely to enjoy being in that position. However, it’s never too late to start!

How long should I do tummy time with my 3 month old?

You can start newborns with tummy time by putting them on the blanket for stretches of 3-5 minutes several times a day. If you keep them there too long, they may get fussy and frustrated.

As they get older, you can keep them on their tummy longer. A three-month-old may be able to tolerate up to one hour of tummy time a day.

Are there other alternatives to tummy time?

Another alternative to tummy time is the front carry. You will need to hold the baby facing away from you and support them around their rib cage. This will encourage the baby to look around them which will strengthen their neck and spine. The Tushbaby Carrier can make the front carry position more supported and, therefore, safer. With an open-face design and four carrying positions, you can safely carry your baby inward or outward facing, whatever makes you both happy. 

Ways to make tummy time fun

You can make tummy time fun by bringing in toys, a mirror, or encouraging a sibling to join in the fun. Use toys and mirrors by moving them around to allow the baby to follow them with their head so they further develop shoulder and neck muscles. They’ll be tickled pink if big brother or sister lends a hand.

Tummy time safety

Here are some tummy time safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Tummy time should always be supervised. Never leave your baby alone during tummy time, and keep them from falling asleep on their tummy.
  • If your baby starts to look tired, put them on their back in their crib. That’s the safest place for them to sleep.
  • Tummy time may not be safe for your baby if they were born premature, if they have a disability or mental condition, or if they have reflux disease. Be sure to consult with your doctor before trying tummy time.

Why does babywearing count as tummy time?

Babywearing counts as tummy time as it allows the baby to work on moving its neck and building muscles. Therefore, it develops the same motor skills tummy time does. If you choose to babywear, which is 100% recommended, make sure you choose a baby carrier that’s safe for you and your baby. The Tushbaby Carrier is a strap-free, ergonomic hipseat carrier that evenly distributes your baby’s weight. It’s perfectly safe for newborns and babies up to 45 pounds. From babywearing to breastfeeding support, the Tushbaby Carrier is a must-have item for parents. 

Tummy time and baby carriers

There are several baby carriers on the market that can promote tummy time development, but it’s important to find one you can count on to be safe and reliable. Tushbaby makes a carrier with an innovative design ideal for your baby’s developmental needs.

Our carrier is a strap-free, ergonomic hip seat that evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you can carry your kids more comfortably. With four carrying positions and five storage pockets, it’s perfect for parents on the go. Picking your baby up and putting them down is even easier with the Tushbaby. With no complicated wrapping or strapping, just fasten your Tushbaby around your waist and sit your baby on the memory foam seat. If they choose to go down, you can go about your business while still wearing the Tushbaby, just like a fanny pack. Recommended by pediatricians, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, pelvic floor therapists, and spine surgeons worldwide, Tushbaby is the obvious choice for baby carriers.


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