Fanny Pack Baby Carrier: What Is It and How to Use

Babywearing can offer many benefits, including enhancing the baby bonding experience and providing added support for carrying your baby. There are many types of baby carriers on the market, from slings to wraps, to front carriers, to our personal favorite, the fanny pack baby carrier.

In this blog, we’ll tell you why baby carrier fanny packs make a top choice for parents looking to take advantage of the simplicity and utility that come with using a fanny pack baby carrier.  

Baby Carrier Fanny Pack

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What is a fanny pack baby carrier?

A fanny pack baby carrier is exactly what it sounds like: you get the utility of a fanny pack with the added bonus of a baby carrier. It’s the best of both worlds because a fanny pack baby carrier can be much more functional than a traditional fanny pack or baby carrier alone. 

Fanny pack baby carriers allow you to carry your baby with added support, with the convenience of storing all the necessities on your hip. It can get quite frustrating for parents who know what it’s like to dig through messy strollers or bags—everything you need is impossible to find. A fanny pack baby carrier allows you to keep your baby and all their necessities niiice and close. Tushbaby’s hipseat carrier is the ultimate fanny pack and baby carrier combo to meet any parent’s needs, whether on the go or around the house. Read on for some of the benefits of choosing a fanny pack baby carrier. 

How does a fanny pack baby carrier work?

A fanny pack baby carrier is simply strapped around your waist, and you’re ready to go! With many baby carriers on the market designed with complicated straps, a fanny pack baby carrier provides the ultimate ease for quick on-and-off moments. With your baby seated on a shelf-like seat, you can easily hold onto them with one arm and keep an arm free for other activities. 

Tushbaby’s hipseat offers a simple design with built-in lumbar support that allows you to strap your carrier high and tight above your natural waist to support your back. This makes Tushbaby an excellent fanny pack carrier for all your loved ones who can benefit from the added support while carrying your baby. Tushbaby’s hipseat carrier provides additional support for your back and arms by evenly distributing your baby’s weight across your body, protecting the important bones, muscles, and joints that are often strained as your baby grows and gets heavier. 

What’s the difference between a baby carrier fanny pack and a hip carrier?

A baby carrier fanny pack and a hip carrier can provide the same functionality. These interchangeable terms represent baby carriers that make the day-to-day much more seamless for parents by offering both storage and support. Tushbaby’s hip carrier provides the functionality of a fanny pack with the added bonus of a baby carrier for your baby. The hipseat sits above your hips to help carry your baby more comfortably and with less hassle: parents have the convenience of stashing their essentials in the storage pockets within arm’s reach. 

Are fanny pack baby carriers safe for newborns?

When it comes to carrying babies, safety is a top priority. Not all baby carriers are safe for newborns, so it’s important to do your research and read the user manual before you buy a baby carrier.  For both breastfed and bottle-fed babies, a hipseat carrier can be the perfect support for feedings if it’s designed to be used for infants. The Tushbaby hip carrier can be used as nursing and feeding support for babies right from birth, meaning you can start benefitting from the support a hipseat carrier provides as soon as your baby is born. With Tushbaby, your baby will have a plush memory foam-lined seat to lay on while you have extra support for your arms, your back, and your posture during feedings. 

With how much time mothers spend feeding and holding their babies, it’s no question that prolonged durations of strain will add up. This strain can lead to pain that can impact your ability to tackle all your parenting duties throughout the day. The support of a Tushbaby Hip Carrier is a great help for chores around the house, bonding time, and feedings for your newborn. Tushbaby evenly distributes your newborn’s weight across your body, meaning more support and less strain. Learn even more about proper breastfeeding posture support here.

How much storage do I have in a baby carrier fanny pack?

The amount of storage in a baby carrier fanny pack varies by brand. Tushbaby’s hipseat carrier has five different storage pockets along the waistband and under the seat, meaning there’s certainly no shortage of storage space for such a compact and lightweight carrier. A fanny pack baby carrier allows active parents to easily pack up the necessities for a busy day and ditch the bulky diaper bag and stroller that only slow them down. With pockets for your phone, wallet, keys, diapers, wipes, lotion, a change of baby clothes, and even more, the Tushbaby carrier can handle all of the necessities without the bulky bags, making it the ultimate baby carrier for active parents

Can I sit down while wearing a fanny pack baby carrier?

While baby carriers can be used on the go, they can also be used while sitting down to keep your baby close, comfortable, and entertained. Of course, this should be done by keeping safe baby-carrying practices in mind. Be sure your baby is not being pinched between you and your surroundings. When using your Tushbaby hip carrier, you can also sit down and enjoy the benefits of using your carrier in the feeding position. After feedings, simply swivel the seat in front of you to create a weightless perch for your baby! The distribution of your baby’s weight remains comfortable and beneficial to your body regardless if you are sitting or standing. 

What other benefits are there to a baby carrier fanny pack?

In this blog, we’ve mentioned some of the benefits of using a baby carrier fanny pack. Here are some additional highlights to consider when evaluating how a fanny pack baby carrier might benefit you and your day-to-day with baby: 

  • Perfect for multi-tasking while carrying baby: Using a fanny pack baby carrier can help provide additional support and free up one hand while carrying your baby. This makes baby carrier fanny packs the perfect tool for tackling grocery shopping with a baby, household chores, and much more. 
  • Back, lumbar, and arm support: As we’ve mentioned, baby carrier fanny packs can provide additional support to alleviate strains that often come with carrying or feeding your baby. Tushbaby’s hipseat carrier has been recommended by medical professionals, like chiropractors and spine surgeons, for that very reason. The built-in lumbar support allows parents to maintain proper posture and prevent any slouching or hunching over.
  • Can be used as a stroller organizer or bag organizer: Your hipseat carrier can still serve many functions when not in use. With multiple storage pockets, your fanny pack carrier can become the ultimate storage organizer for your larger bag or stroller when you’re bringing everything but the kitchen sink.  

Other considerations

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a baby carrier that will be right for you and your baby. As you’ve read, fanny pack baby carriers are a handy option for avoiding baby carriers with complicated straps that can take serious practice (and sometimes an additional set of hands) to get on—and with a fussy baby, time is always of the essence.

Fanny pack baby carriers can help keep the necessities (and your baby) close and secure. Not to mention, a hip seat carrier is the perfect option for babies that want up, then down, then right back up again. Its lightweight features and easy on and off make it much less cumbersome to take care of your baby and their varying needs. Tushbaby is the ultimate carrier that helps you nurse, feed, snuggle, soothe and carry while saving your back.  

Storage, support, and a convenient fanny pack design. . . shop the best fanny pack baby carrier on the market!

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