What to Pack in Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery

If you’re about to have a baby, thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag might be majorly daunting. You’ll want to think about what you, your baby, and your partner or support system will need in the hospital before and after the birth. Packing your bag weeks in advance is often the safest option, as anything can happen. As you begin making a hospital bag checklist for mom and baby, you’ll want to know what to pack in the hospital bag. Let us hold your hand as you pack the perfect hospital bag with everything you and your family will need. 

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom, Dad & Baby

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What week do you start packing your hospital bag?

It’s advisable to start packing your hospital bag at week 36 or 37. As a mom, being prepared is part of your job. With no crystal ball telling you exactly when you’ll go into labor, it’s better to prepare too early instead of too late. 

What should I put in my bag for the hospital?

As you pack your hospital bag, you’ll want to include items for you, your partner, and your precious newborn. The bag you choose to bring along should be easy to carry with plenty of storage space. The Totebaby is ideal for packing hospital bag necessities. With the Totebaby, you’ll arrive at the hospital looking like a seasoned and stylish pro. Let’s take a look at our hospital checklists for mom and baby — we’ll cover dad essentials a little later on. 

Checklist for mom: 

  • Comfortable clothes: Bring plenty of loose-fitting clothes such as pajamas, a robe, joggers, a tank top, slippers, etc. If you plan on breastfeeding, bring a breastfeeding bra or tank.  
  • Toiletries: Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, lip balm, and shampoo will be necessary.
  • Long cell phone charging cord: Hospitals are notorious for placing outlets faaaar from the hospital bed. Take an extra long cord so you can stay charged up and connected when talking to relatives calling to wish you well.
  • Anything that comforts you: Whether it’s a favorite blanket or aroma candle, bringing small items that provide comfort can ease your mind as you deliver your new baby.

Checklist for baby:

  • Going home outfit: Bring a onesie that your baby can wear when going home from the hospital. Think of the weather to determine whether you need a long or short-sleeved onesie. You may also want to bring a coat, hat, and socks if it’s cold.
  • Car seat: As you pack your hospital bag, you should go ahead and get the car seat safely installed. 
  • Stroller: If you feel the need, a stroller can be a helpful item to bring to the hospital. 
  • Baby carrier (Tushbaby): You may prefer a baby carrier to a stroller. It’s a great way to carry a newborn, keep them protected, and promote bonding. The Tushbaby Carrier can help you carry your newborn, provide breastfeeding support, and offer storage space for necessities. 
  • Photo props: The excitement of a newborn is a feeling you’ll want to keep close for a lifetime. From matching outfits to name signs, bring your handpicked photo prop items in your hospital bags so you can start capturing life’s precious moments. 

What is needed in a hospital bag for pregnancy?

Although it’s almost over, your pregnancy journey has not ended yet. As you gather belongings for your hospital bag, there are a few items for pregnancy you’ll want to bring. 

  • Adult diapers: The hospital will provide you with pads to absorb blood, but you may be more comfortable with adult diapers. If you think this might be  the case, bring them with you. You may also consider taking a postpartum recovery kit which you can purchase at drug stores.
  • Nipple cream: Nipple cream will be helpful if you plan on breastfeeding.

Should I pack snacks in my hospital bag?

You can never go wrong with snacks, and as a new mom, you’ll be expected to have snacks on hand. At this stage they won’t be for your newborn, but rather for you and your partner, or whoever is hunkered down with you. Pack easy-to-eat snacks that can give you a boost of energy. Think protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, or crackers. You may also want to bring along electrolyte drinks to keep you hydrated.

What do I need to pack in my hospital bag for a C-section?

If you’re going to have a C-section, you may want to take additional items to aid your surgery recovery. These include:

  • Belly binder: Belly binders help new mothers feel more stable and improve posture after a C-section.
  • Small pillow: A small pillow will brace your incision and reduce pain after the operation. It should be applied directly over the incision with firm pressure.
  • Clothing that won’t irritate your incision: You’ll want to wear comfortable clothing after the procedure. A loose nightgown can be a good option after a C-section.

What to pack for baby in hospital bag

The hospital will provide most baby necessities so that you won’t need much other than a going-home outfit and a car seat or stroller. However, you can pack small toys and other items you think will make your baby feel safe and welcome. Bringing along a Tushbaby Carrier can help your baby feel even safer. Whether you use it for breastfeeding support or carrying support, the Tushbaby features an ergonomic design for you and your baby, keeping you both safe and comfortable.

What to pack for mom in hospital bag

While taking care of your baby after delivery seems most important, don’t forget about yourself and your needs. Mom must pack:

  • comfortable clothes
  • toiletries
  • a robe
  • a long charging cord
  • postpartum products
  • nipple cream
  • and snacks (at a minimum).

Luxury items can include a Bluetooth speaker to soothe you during labor or keep your baby happy after birth. It can also have headphones so you can talk on the phone hands-free after delivery. 

What to pack for dad or support person in hospital bag

Dad or your support person plays a big role in the delivery room, so don’t forget about them as you pack the necessities (Also Read: Dad Bonding With Baby). Here are some ideas of what to pack for dad, your partner, or your support person:

  • General entertainment devices such as a laptop, headphones, book, etc.
  • A lightweight sleeping bag or blanket and pillow
  • Clothes and toiletries

Top hospital bag essentials when baby is already on the way

If you are a bit of a procrastinator, and your baby is just the opposite, you may find yourself rushing to the hospital without a packed bag. If this is the case, you should grab essentials such as:

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • A going-home outfit for your baby
  • Car seat
  • Baby carrier

What should I leave out of my hospital bag?

While you don’t want to leave anything out of your hospital bag, it’s important to travel light. If your bag is feeling heavy, here are some things that can stay at home.  

  • Excess food and drinks: While some snacks are recommended, there will be food at the hospital. Don’t overdo it on the food and drinks.
  • Video camera: Many parents want to capture every moment of their baby’s life. But when your baby is born, you’ll want to focus on bonding with them, not posing for pictures.
  • Baby supplies: The hospital will already have supplies such as blankets, bottles, diapers, and wipes.

Do I need to bring anything to the hospital that won’t fit in a bag?

No. You should be able to fit everything you need in your bag. If you find yourself wanting to pack items that don’t fit, you may want to rethink and repack. The days of having two free hands are soon coming to an end. 

As you enter the journey of motherhood, you’ll want all the right products to aid in your success. Tushbaby is a brand devoted to creating quality items for moms and babies that prioritize safety. Shop our collection of best-selling products to find staple items that every mom must have, such as the Totebaby or Tushbaby Carrier.

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