How Long Does New Baby Smell Last?

Every parent will agree that there’s something about a new baby smell that is just so innocent and refreshing (dare we say addicting?!). It’s often hard to describe, except that the new baby smell just makes us feel good. So what about this new baby smell makes us have this reaction?

We will go over just what it is that creates that natural human response to a new baby smell, how long a new baby smell lasts, and how to soak in every moment of it. 

How Long Does the New Baby Smell Typically Last?

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What do babies smell like?

There’s no question that babies have a unique scent that is often even hard to wrap our noses around. From sweet to cheesy even, a parent’s description of that scent can vary. Most parents will describe their baby as smelling amazing—whatever it is! 

What is new baby smell?

No matter what your baby smells like, you’re probably wondering how this newborn smell comes to be. This alluring smell is said to be a combination of a few things, including lingering amniotic fluid and what is called Vernix Caseosa. Vernix Caseosa is that creamy white biofilm that covers and protects the skin of a fetus during the last trimester, including through the birthing canal.  

Why do babies have a new baby smell?

While there are various explanations or theories as to why babies have this new baby smell, one commonly agreed-upon rationale is for bonding. A new baby smell is seemingly nature's way of bringing us closer to our children, as scents play a big factor in our memories and attachments. To take advantage of this precious time, try babywearing! Babywearing allows us to keep our baby close, and we all can feel so much closeness between the human touch and smell of one another. The Tushbaby Carrier is a doctor-recommended carrier that keeps your baby safe and close in the pediatric-recommended “M” shaped position. 

Why do most hospitals delay bathing until 24 hours after birth?

Delaying bathing in a hospital after birth is done for a few reasons. One is to promote more skin-to-skin contact with parents. Another is to maintain a baby’s temperature in the first hours of birth. Lastly, the Vernix Caseosa can still provide benefits after birth, including PH balance to protect a baby’s skin as they adjust to their new surroundings. 

How long does new baby smell last?

This newborn smell will typically start to fade at around 6 weeks. When this scent starts to fade, you may feel sad that the newborn phase is coming to an end. Don’t worry; you’ll still find joy in smelling your baby’s noggin, even after that scent has passed. 

Why do baby heads smell good?

From the way a baby’s head smells to how it makes parents feel, some researchers suggest the biological rationale for this scent is for protection. The scent creates a stronger bond between babies and their parents, creating that natural parental instinct to protect their babies. 

Is new baby smell some kind of magic?

While it isn’t magic, the effects of it can surely feel like it. The magic of that sweet scent can be found in how it brings us closer to our little ones. No matter how exhausted you may be, a whiff of the newborn baby smell can bring instant comfort and gratitude. 

Why do moms smell their babies?

While that newborn smell lasts, mothers will smell their babies' heads to soak in every bit of joy that new smell brings. We will later explain how this scent contributes to bonding and attachment with babies. 

Even after the newborn smell has faded, mothers still find themselves smelling their babies as a way of providing comfort. 

Mother/baby bonding with new baby smell

As we’ve mentioned, this new baby smell is one of the drivers of what creates that strong mother/baby bond. Our sense of smell is just one of the ways in which we as humans create lasting bonds. The new baby smell plays a big role in mothers forming that long-lasting attachment and natural desire to protect their babies. Even if you are not yet a parent, this idea of scent and attachment may already be familiar to you. Have you ever noticed you find comfort in the way a loved one smells, even a grandparent? This same idea goes for babies. It’s said that babies will find more comfort and safety when they are in the presence of their parents' scent, which is another reason babywearing is so popular. You can read more about the benefits of babywearing and bonding here

Babywearing and new baby smell

Babywearing is one the best ways to promote bonding between babies and their parents. The Tushbaby hip seat carrier can help you soak in every moment of that new baby smell phase and keep your baby close enough to smell even after that new smell fades. 

When your baby is in their prime new baby smell phase, the Tushbaby hip seat carrier can be used in the feeding position so that you can nurse, bottle feed, and keep that heavenly scent close without any strain. By strapping the Tushbaby high and tight around your waist, you create the perfect arm and back support to lay your little one high enough to smell during their feedings. 

As we mentioned, the desire to smell your little one’s head usually doesn’t pass after that newborn smell is gone. Something about smelling your baby’s head will become so calming and can bring instant joy to a parent. The Tushbaby hip seat carrier can be used in four carrying positions that allow you to keep your baby close. Tushbaby is a strap-free, ergonomic hipseat that evenly distributes your baby’s weight—so you can carry your little one longer and more comfortably, sneaking in as many head smells as you’d like throughout the day. 

What if baby doesn’t smell so good?

Any new parent will face the reality that babies don’t indeed always smell like the scent of pure joy. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why your little one might not be smelling so good. 


It may be time for a diaper change! It's best to be prepared to change a diaper at any moment. For any outing, be sure to pack along diapers, wipes, and your portable Tushbaby diaper changing pad to be ready for when sh*t hits the fan, the floor, or the seat, no matter the accommodations at the time. The Tushbaby diaper changing pad can be folded to fit in your Totebaby, your Tushbaby hip seat carrier, and even your Pack. Heck, it can even be folded small enough to fit in your back pocket. 

milk or formula residue

When feeding a baby, it may come as no surprise that it can get messy. Residue from milk or formula spills and drips can leave a sour scent on your little one. Be sure to check those tiny rolls in their skin and necks, as often milk can drip and get trapped in the tiny folds of a baby’s skin. For these situations, a bath and a quick wardrobe change can have your baby back to more pleasant scents. 

introducing solids into baby’s diet

One of the unpleasant surprises that comes along with this big milestone for babies is the smell. When we introduce babies to solid foods, a lot can change when it comes to digestion. Your baby may experience more gas, and their poop will almost always start to smell worse. As we mentioned, don’t delay when it comes to changing a stinky diaper! 

Soak in that newborn baby smell for hours. . . keep your baby close and comfortable with the best selling Tushbaby Carrier!

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