How to Clean & Sanitize a Pacifier

Having a pacifier on hand can help in those moments when your baby is in need of comfort, some distraction, or to help them fall asleep. Of course, the key to having a pacifier handy is that you need it to be clean! When a pacifier falls to the bottom of a bag or stroller, it undoubtedly gets covered in unwanted crumbs and germs.

In this blog, we will review how to sanitize a pacifier and how to keep a pacifier clean once you have put in all that work. With the Tushbaby Paci Pod, you and your baby can have a clean pacifier handy for any fussy moment and avoid the scramble when things escalate quickly. 

How to Keep a Pacifier Clean

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What is the best way to clean pacifiers?

There are many ways to clean a pacifier. How to clean a pacifier will depend on what you have available to you. There are sanitizing machines that can be used for both bottles and pacifiers. These machines use either UV or steam to destroy any bacteria living on the pacifier. Without having to purchase a machine, one of the most popular and effective methods for cleaning a pacifier is simply soaking it in boiling water. 

If you opt for the boil method, here is how to sanitize a pacifier for the first time: 

Step #1: Boil water.  This can be done with a pot on the stove or with a portable electric kettle. 

Step #2: Place the pacifier in a clean dish or bowl. Allow it to soak for about 5 minutes. 

Step #3: After 5 minutes, take the pacifier out of the bowl and let it dry on a clean towel. Note: It is important to use a clean towel, not the hand towel everyone uses for drying. This will ensure those pacifiers aren’t immediately exposed to the bacteria you just worked to get rid of!  

Do I need to boil pacifiers before use?

As we mentioned, boiling is not the only method for sanitizing a pacifier. Regardless of your chosen method, it’s  important to sanitize pacifiers before they are used. We often forget how much bacteria pacifiers can be exposed to in transit, in stores, and before our babies use them. Sanitizing can be done by boiling water as a way to eliminate any germs that the pacifier has come in contact with before your child uses it.  Once your pacifier is sanitized, store it in a safe carry case like Tushbaby's Paci Pod that’s easy to access and far away from the bottom of your bag. 

Can you boil pacifiers too long?

As we mentioned, the recommended time for allowing pacifiers to boil is about 5 minutes. With prolonged boiling or sterilization, a pacifier can start to lose its durability. It’s best to remove the pacifiers after about 5 minutes in boiling water. 

How often should you wash a pacifier?

Keeping a pacifier free of germs is important to protect your baby. The frequency of washing pacifiers may depend on how often they are in use and how many you have. Boiling pacifiers is not intended to be done before each use. While sanitization is more important for younger babies, simply washing a pacifier with soap and water before use can be sufficient as they get older. 

How do you clean the inside of a pacifier?

If you notice water on the inside of the pacifier after sanitizing, you can simply press out any excess water by squeezing the nipple. 

How to clean a pacifier on the go

When that pacifier hits the restaurant floor, you’ll probably wonder how to clean that paci on the go. You can safely clean your baby’s pacifier with wipes that are designed for just that. Pacifier cleaning wipes are intended to contain no alcohol or harsh chemicals, making them a safe and convenient cleaning option. 

Can I use baby wipes to clean pacifiers?

Since baby wipes are intended not to contain harsh chemicals, they can also be used to quickly clean your pacifier while on the go. 

Is it necessary to sterilize pacifiers?

Sterilizing pacifiers is important to prevent your baby from putting unwanted germs in its mouth. While full sanitization is important before the first use of a pacifier, it may not be required all the time. In fact, with too much sanitization, a pacifier can lose its durability. Cleaning your pacifier with either a wipe or hot water and soap after the first use can be sufficient in between sanitizing sessions!

When can I stop sanitizing pacifiers?

How often you sanitize pacifiers may lessen as your baby gets older. Newborns are much more at risk of exposure to bacteria, which is why proper sanitization is important, especially early on. At about 6 months, sanitizing pacifiers may not need to be done as often. 

When should I throw away a pacifier?

You will know it is time to throw away a pacifier if it shows any signs of wearing down. As with anything else we wash and repeatedly use, pacifier materials can break down. Before giving your baby a pacifier, it’s a good idea to give it a quick inspection for any signs that it is wearing down. These signs will include pacifiers that have any tears or cracks. How often parents replace pacifiers can vary, but it is safe to say you should replace a pacifier at least every 2 months. If you find yourself needing to clean your pacifier more often, keep in mind that this period before a replacement could be shorter. 

One of the best ways to keep a pacifier in good condition once sanitized is to ensure it’s stored in a safe place. This is another reason the Paci Pod will help keep your baby safe. Keeping a pacifier stored in a safe place will ensure it isn’t getting knicks or gunk from something in your diaper bag or purse. 

How to keep a pacifier clean

You’ve done all this work to sanitize your baby’s pacifier, so here’s how to keep a pacifier clean. Keeping a pacifier clean means keeping your little one safe from germs. To keep a sanitized pacifier ready-to-use, you will need to store it in a safe place. For most parents, throwing a pacifier in a bag means it’s bound to end up at the bottom and covered in crumbs or other things they wouldn’t want their baby to put in their mouth. The Paci Pod is the most convenient (and cutest) solution to this problem. 

Tushbaby’s Paci Pod can clip onto your purse, Tushbaby carrier, Totebaby, and more. This chic pacifier holder allows you to store your baby’s pacifier in a clean and safe place without having to rifle through everything in your bag when they need it most. On days without baby, Tushbaby’s Paci Pod can securely store things like credit cards, cash, mascara, and Airpods. 

Have a clean pacifier on hand at all times. Try Tushbaby’s Paci Pod today!

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