How to Nurse a Baby in Public

Nursing is a beautiful thing that moms should be proud of. No matter how much confidence you have, nursing in public can be awkward and challenging at times. Luckily, there are a few secrets to making nursing in public easier. Keep reading to learn more about how to nurse in public.

How to Nurse in Public

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How do you discreetly nurse in public?

Moms and their babies have carried out successful breastfeeding relationships for thousands of years. When you begin nursing your little one, it’s inevitable that at some point, they will need to eat when you are out in public. Some moms are much more confident than others with nursing in front of others. Luckily, there are many ways to do so discreetly.

Nursing covers provide the best way to breastfeed in public without any chance of anyone seeing more than they should. Some nursing covers even have a built-in pillow or shelf to allow the baby to rest more comfortably. Baby carriers can also double as a nursing aid; the Tushbaby Carrier gives the baby a supported place to rest their head without interfering with feeding. Our nursing moms can simply rest the baby on the carrier and throw a blanket over for privacy. Nursing in public doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable!

Nursing bras also go a long way towards helping breastfeeding moms feel more confident in breastfeeding in public without exposing more of the breast than is necessary to nurse. Some moms also dress in layers that can be easily pulled up or pulled down to create a minimal opening, allowing the baby to nurse without showing all of mom’s skin.

How to nurse in public without a cover

Many moms prefer using a cover when breastfeeding in public. However, nursing covers are not always practical for mom or baby. They can be stuffy and uncomfortable, especially in the hot summer months. Some babies don’t enjoy having anything over their head or face when they’re trying to nurse. And if you are already having issues with your baby’s latch, a nursing cover adds a distraction and another layer of complication to overcome.

So how can you nurse in public without a cover?

As mentioned above, having the right clothes and a nursing bra can help moms feel more comfortable nursing in public. Nursing bras, tank tops, and dresses are specially designed to give your baby easy access to the breast without exposing more than what is necessary.

In addition, using a baby carrier can help you nurse in public without feeling exposed. The added fabric of the carrier itself, plus the positioning of your baby, naturally prevents most of your breast from showing. When babywearing and nursing at the same time, your baby’s head should essentially block all of your exposed skin from public view.

How can I breastfeed without a nursing pillow in public?

Most babies prefer to eat lying down, at least until they get older and become more active. This makes nursing pillows practically a necessity for many new moms. But trying to use a nursing pillow in public can be both cumbersome and impractical. So what can breastfeeding moms do?

Using a hip carrier like Tushbaby can double as a nursing pillow that the baby can rest comfortably on while eating. Other types of baby carriers can accomplish this as well, as long as your baby is fully supported. Nursing while babywearing eliminates the need to deal with accessories such as covers and pillows.

Does babywearing help with nursing in public?

Babywearing is a very simple and practical way that many moms find success with nursing in public. Because your baby is already nestled close to your chest during babywearing, it makes it hard for others to see anything you would rather them not see. In addition, the basic positioning of your baby when using a sling or wrap facilitates nursing with ease.

Any carrier that allows you to wear your baby facing-in should be acceptable to use while nursing in public.

Always be sure to follow all of the instructions and safety precautions outlined for your specific style and type of baby carrier. Nursing and babywearing must always be done safely. Some manufacturers have even published tips or helpful videos on how to nurse with their carrier.

Last but not least, you may want to practice at home while you and your baby are not stressed or distracted. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can give it a try in public.

Can you walk and breastfeed at the same time in public?

To take your public breastfeeding adventures to the next level, consider the possibilities of babywearing and nursing. While it may seem tricky or counterintuitive at first, it is very possible to walk and breastfeed at the same time in public. Using a baby carrier allows you to have your hands free while still properly supporting your little one. It also provides a way to nurse your baby discreetly without feeling exposed in public. As a bonus: walking around town while nursing your baby is one sure way to feel like the bad-a** mom that you are.

How can I burp a baby in public after nursing?

Most babies still need a little bit of help with the gas trapped in their stomachs after eating.

Using a hip carrier like Tushbaby makes burping your baby after nursing simple and straightforward. Unlike some other styles of slings and wraps, your child is already seated in an upright position, and you can easily burp them on your shoulder as you usually would. Even with other forms of babywearing, you can still burp your baby by patting their back, no matter what their position is. Holding the baby upright facilitates easier digestion and faster expulsion of gas.  

What to do if baby falls asleep while nursing in public?

Babywearing provides parents with an easy solution for a baby who typically falls asleep while nursing in public. Slings and wraps allow your child to stay asleep nestled against your chest. And if you are using a hip carrier like Tushbaby for nursing, it makes it easy to cover up again while keeping your little one cradled and resting on the seat. 

While some baby carriers may advertise that they are ergonomic and good for your back, be sure to check for features that are actually supportive. The Tushbaby Carrier evenly distributes your baby’s weight while providing sturdy back and lumbar support, and can also reduce arm and wrist strain. With four carry positions, the Tushbaby Carrier can be used for babywearing and breastfeeding support. And with thousands of five-star reviews, it’s undoubtedly the best hip carrier on the market. 

Unleash your supermom. . . try the Tushbaby Carrier today!

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