How to Work from Home with a Baby

Working from home with a baby is an increasingly popular trend. With more and more jobs becoming remote or hybrid, moms and dads all over the world are working from home. Working from home can save you time and money by eliminating the daily commute. For some, it can also save money on childcare too. While working at home with a baby is not an easy task, it can be done. Keep reading for tips and information on working from home with a baby. 

Tips for Working From Home with a Baby

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Is it possible to work from home with a child?

Nowadays, there are so many jobs that are either fully or partially remote. Working from home offers a lot of benefits for a busy parent, like cutting out a commute and giving you more time with your little one. Taking care of a baby while working from home can feel like a lot to juggle, but it’s absolutely possible. 

The key to success for working from home with a baby boils down to a few things: having the right support, structure, schedule, and most importantly-- sanity!  

Is it possible to work from home with a 1 year old?

Anything is possible with the right tools, preparation, and mental commitment. Working from home with a one year old is no different. A one year old won’t understand why their parents may be home but aren’t able to play with them or give them attention. This means you may find yourself in moments where your baby is in need of attention yet you still have work to do. 

Finding ways to get work done while giving your baby that needed love is one of the many juggles a working parent faces. Having a tool like the Tushbaby Carrier allows you to interact with your little one while finishing up those emails or calling in to a meeting. Having a hip carrier allows you to give your baby those moments of snuggles they need throughout the day, and gives you the freedom to continue to work while doing so. 

What kind of job can I do with my baby?

With so much work being remote these days (thank you pandemic), the options for what type of work  you can do with a baby at home are quite wide. 

Regardless of job type, it is best to find a position that gives you flexibility with time. A job that requires you to be back to back in meetings all day may not be realistic while you juggle taking care of your baby as well. Customer service roles, data entry, blogging and vlogging are all types of work that are commonly done remotely. Most job search platforms now have a filter for work from home positions so you can find the right job for your lifestyle.

How do I keep my baby occupied while working from home?

The best way to give yourself some interrupted work minutes is to find activities that are engaging for your little one. There are plenty of age appropriate toys to give a try to keep your little one working just as hard as you are. 

The activities and toys are a great distraction, but might not always last as long as you’d hoped. One of the best ways to give your baby  that needed attention is by holding them close when you can. Having a hip seat carrier like the Tushbaby Carrier will help you in those moments. Tushbaby’s ergonomic hip seat distributes the baby’s weight more evenly, saving your back while you save that nearly missed deadline for the team.  

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How do I work from home with baby and toddler?

Working from home with a baby and a toddler is no easy feat. You will likely need the help from a support system to give you some moments of no distraction work. This may be a good time to take grandma and grandpa up on the offer to take your little one out to lunch or to the park. Regardless of duration of support, it will be important to maximize the time you have without the little ones. 

Now, not everyone has the luxury of childcare, and as a parent you know there are times where you just ‘make it work!’ With two little ones, finding any form of structure is key for success. Try to Keep meals, snacks, and play time to a routine as much as possible. Your toddlers and little ones will thrive on structure. Setting structure will help keep predictability in the day for your toddler, which makes it easier for you to predict when you can get back to those emails and calls! 

How do I entertain my 6 month old while working from home?

There are lots of ways to entertain your 6 month old while working from home. In this teething period, having some handy teething rings or chewable books are surely a great way to keep your little one busy. Tummy time is also a fantastic way to keep your 6 month old busy, building strength, and improving their motor skills. There are plenty of great tummy time mats that will surely keep your 6 month old busy and safe. If they aren’t interested in anything other than you, strap on a baby carrier and wear your baby while you work.

How do I keep my 9 month old busy while working from home?

At 9 months old, your baby may be reaching different milestones. From crawling, to pulling themselves up to stand, a 9 month old might require a bit more involved distraction. Finding engaging activities will help keep your 9 month old busy. Activity tables are a fantastic way to keep your 9 month old busy while encouraging those physical development milestones like pulling up to stand! 

How do I manage my baby and work?

One of the best ways to manage your baby and work is by splitting up the work day if you can. You will be more productive in your working time if you can step away, take a break, and even catch a quick nap while the little one does. Recognizing not all work hours are the same, this can be challenging. If your role allows, take advantage of the time flexibility that working from home can bring. 

Getting used to working with a baby at home, you’ll learn to roll with the punches. Not everything will go as planned, and it is okay to adjust as you learn what works best for tackling the work day with your baby at home. 

Should I work part time remotely after having a baby?

Whether it be for financial reasons or getting back to the work you are so passionate about, you may be wondering if you should work part time remotely after having a baby. Ultimately, deciding to work part time remotely after having a baby is dependent on what is right for your family. Consider things like finances, support systems, and what type of commitment you’d be taking on in a new role. 

How do you work full time from home  with a baby?

Trying to juggle it all, working full time from home with a baby may require you to seek additional support. Take shifts with a spouse working from home, call a friend, or enlist some family members to help out if possible. Having the extra set of hands will be key in mastering work from home with a baby. 

In addition to support, it’s  all about setup. Workplace ergonomics should not go out the window because you are working from home. This includes all the things you will need to make you more safe and efficient in the workplace, which happens to also be home.

Find the right desk, mouse, keyboard, and YES the right baby carrier too. Having a hip seat carrier will allow you to handle all the ups and downs your baby may need throughout the day, and it’s ergonomic too! Tushbaby makes  those baby moments through the day easy to tackle and a workplace safety plus too. 

Working from home with a baby is a lot of work! Recognize how amazing you are for tackling the day with a little one, and give yourself those well deserved breaks. Not only will you be more productive with breaks, your baby needs their parents in good physical and mental health. 

How can moms work from home?

Moms do it all… So it is NO surprise that working from home with a baby is just one more thing we can add to the list of mommy superpowers. Support will be your number one key to success. Support comes in many ways for parents. Enlist support from friends and family, or even enlist support from your Tushbaby Hip Carrier. Tushbaby helps you keep your baby close and happy while giving you the freedom to sit or stand. Its open and non-restrictive design gives both you and your baby the freedom to go about your day, literally attached at the hip. 

Workplace safety is real even when you are a mom working from home. Create an ergonomic setup just as you would if you were in the office, and this means Tushbaby Hip Carrier too. Less strain on your back and arms = more workplace safety, more baby comfort, and more mommy wins in the workplace! (Even if that is at home). 

Keep your baby happy, while getting your work done. The secret? Babywearing! Order the Tushbaby Carrier today!

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