Second Trimester Checklist

For most expecting mothers, the second trimester is the most enjoyable phase of pregnancy. Hopefully, you’re feeling good and glowing with happiness as you prepare to welcome your sweet baby into the world.

The second trimester is an opportune time to tackle your baby to-do list as you prepare for their arrival. After all, it’s better to be ready early than late! With a pregnancy brain, you may be a bit lost as you try to keep up with life while growing a baby, so we’re here to help organize your second trimester checklist.  

What is the second trimester?

There are three phases of pregnancy, and they’re broken down into trimesters: early, middle, and late pregnancy. The middle part of pregnancy is identified as the second trimester (weeks 13 to 26).

The second trimester is full of changes to your body, baby, and emotions. While your baby weighs less than three pounds at this point, your body is preparing for it to grow. To prepare, your blood volume will increase, which can result in additional weight gain. It can be hard to struggle with body image during pregnancy, so it’s important to understand why changes happen and appreciate all your body can do.

During the second trimester, your uterus is growing, and your skin will continue to stretch, which may cause stretch marks. Emotionally, you may have some days of anxiety or low mood. While you’re probably extremely excited about what’s ahead, just know that these days are perfectly normal.

The second trimester is the best time to start planning life after pregnancy if you haven’t started already. Discuss parental leave with your employer, start sharing pregnancy news, and most importantly, start making space and getting the essentials for your baby. They’ll be here before you know it!

When does the second trimester begin?

The second trimester is the middle stage of pregnancy, beginning at 13 weeks and ending at 26 weeks. This is an exciting time for pregnancy. This is when you will start to feel flutterings from your baby. Your baby’s organs will continue to develop, and the liver, kidney, and pancreas will start to function.

Your baby will also be able to suck their thumb and begin to hear even though their ears are not fully developed. Amazing, right? 

What is important about the second trimester?

The most important part of any trimester is knowing what to expect. The more educated you are about what’s going on and what you should expect, the sooner you can identify things that may be off, or the easier it may be to cope with changes. You should feel a renewed sense of well-being during the second trimester, but if you don’t, just continue to enjoy the process.

Every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique, and that should be embraced. During pregnancy, especially the second trimester, it’s important to truly connect with your body and listen to what it needs. As we try to keep up with life, we may push ourselves, which is not always the best decision. 

During the second trimester, your baby’s organs and systems are now developed. The second trimester is their time to grow in length and weight. Around 20 weeks is when you can expect to hopefully start feeling your baby move around. Your baby will start to develop reflexes such as sucking and swallowing and can even respond to certain stimuli. As their eyelids begin to open and hair forms on their head, your baby is truly transforming inside of you.

To put into perspective just how many changes occur during the second trimester, a fetus born at the end of 24 weeks has the chance of survival in a NICU. 

As for mom, your appetite may increase, and pregnancy will become more visible. Your skin may itch as it grows, and you may experience congestion. On the bright side, you should have a less frequent need to urinate as the uterus grows out of the pelvic cavity. 

Second Trimester To Do List

In preparation for your baby’s birth day, you’ll want to start preparing for their grand entrance. Whether you’re purchasing the items or adding them to your registry, it’s important to determine what you think you’ll need. If you’re a first-time parent, you may be a bit overwhelmed shopping for baby products. Our second trimester to-do list will hopefully help you prepare like a pro. 

#1.  Start setting up the nursery

Creating a comforting nursery that resembles all the love your baby’s life is filled with is an important part of preparing. From diaper changes to bedtime stories, the nursery is where you will spend priceless moments with your baby. Keep in mind, as they grow there will be plenty of changes to the nursery, so you may want to plan ahead for some of those changes. Some necessities you’ll need for your nursery include:

  • Crib 
  • Bassinet
  • Changing table
  • Rocking chair

#2.  Create a baby registry 

It’s a tradition that friends and family will shower you with gifts as you prepare for your little one's arrival. While it’s not mandatory, it’s a blessing to receive things you need, as there are so many of them as you prepare to raise a tiny human. Life will be a bit overwhelming with a little one that needs you 24/7, so anything that can help simplify your day-to-day life should be on your registry. A few items you’ll want to include are:

  • Tushbaby: A functional and ergonomic hip seat carrier is a must-have for parents and caregivers. The Tushbaby features a strapless design and is designed similarly to a fanny pack, giving you and your baby more freedom to explore and move comfortably. It’s easy to pick your baby up and put them down without fidgeting with your baby carrier. 
  • Totebaby: Ever see a mom pull so much out of her bag that you wonder how it all fit in there in the first place? It’s possible she had the Totebaby. Praised for its good looks and functionality, the Totebaby is your new bag of tricks. Made with buttery vegan leather, this diaper bag can carry all the essentials and then some. It also includes an extra cross-body strap, a divider pocket, an organizing caddy, and Tushbaby’s foldable changing pad (which can be purchased separately as well). 
  • Dad pack: Don’t forget about Dad on your registry! The Pack by Tushbaby is a mini wearable diaper bag that’s essential for all cool dads. Learn more about The Pack here. 
  • Stroller: Strollers can be expensive. So if you can score one from a friend or family member, this can save you a lot of money. 
  • High chair: High chairs are fairly affordable, thus making them a useful and affordable registry item. 
  • Diapers: You can never have enough diapers! Add them to your registry.
  • Baby clothes: Your baby will go through plenty of clothes in one day. Whether you add everyday onesies to the list or special hand-picked outfits, baby clothes are the perfect supplemental registry gift items. 

#3. Work on baby shower details

Now that you’ve built your registry, it’s time to plan your baby shower! Hopefully you’ll have some help, but help or no help, here are some things you should keep in mind while planning the details. 

  • Plan games that encourage guests to bring everyday gifts such as diapers. 
  • Make sure guests know where you are registered. 
  • Share any color preferences or bedroom themes (even if the gender is unknown).
  • If you know the sex of your baby, let your guests know so they can buy appropriate gifts for the newborn.
  • Put items on the registry of all price ranges — the higher priced items can be purchased by multiple people.

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Pregnancy Checklist: Second Trimester Tasks to Make Being a New Parent Easier

For expecting parents, the checklists continue. During the second trimester, it’s important to spend some time connecting with your inner parent self. Anything you can do to prepare mentally and physically can make the experience more enjoyable. Here are some tasks that can make being a new parent a little easier.

  • Plan your family budget that includes a new family member 
  • Find a prenatal class
  • Plan your maternity leave
  • Set aside time for yourself
  • Update your wardrobe - think functional yet stylish

Second Trimester Checklist for Health

The most important things in life we cannot buy. Protecting your health, especially during pregnancy, should be a top priority. Here are a few ways to support a healthy pregnancy during the second trimester.

  • Eat simple and healthy
  • Get moving
  • Take care of your teeth
  • Start sleeping on your side
  • Take time for self-care
  • Attend regular doctor’s appointments

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