Top 10 Must-Haves to Add to Your Target Baby Registry

Getting to complete your baby registry with your significant other is almost as exciting as when you found out you were pregnant. It really solidifies the fact that you’re going to be a parent. We know you want to make sure you have all the right gear before your little one arrives, but how do you decide?! Well, Target is the perfect place to complete your registry and we’ve narrowed down their long list of amazing baby products to our top 10 must-haves. 

Get ready to click away to create the perfect Target baby registry!

10 Must-Haves For Your Target Baby Registry

TushBaby Hip Carrier


There are so many baby carriers available that the choice can be overwhelming, which is why we’re sharing our favorite one available at Target. TushBaby is a hip-style carrier that allows parents to hold their babies on their hips without taking on any of the weight. As a parent-to-be you may not realize yet just how much you’ll be carrying your baby, but it is a lot! We know this sounds wonderful to you right now (and it really is!), but it can get exhausting especially as your baby grows. TushBaby is simplifying parenting by making the simplest way to carry your baby a comfortable endeavor (we’re talking hours!) Here’s what else there is to love about the TushBaby hip carrier:

  • A comfortable, adjustable, and secure fit around your waist with nothing on your shoulders
  • You can hold your baby safely in four different positions: lying down (for feeding), side carry, facing in, facing out
  • Evenly distributes baby’s weight and literally takes the weight off of you to save your back and shoulders
  • Babies and toddlers are at eye level with the world around them

This is a product you will use for years to come since it’s safe for little ones all the way up to 44 pounds. That’s why TushBaby is our top product to put on your Target Baby Registry.


Muslin Swaddle Blankets

swaddle, swaddle blankets

Though perfect for creating a tight swaddle to comfort your newborn and help them sleep, we promise you will use your muslin swaddle blankets for so much more. They are great to use as a nursing cover, tuck tightly around your baby in their carseat, or as a tummy time blanket...and they often become a security blanket that your toddler will never want to leave home without. 

We love the classic muslin swaddles from Aden and Anais. Each of the prints are so adorable (whether gender specific or gender neutral) that it will probably be hard to narrow it down to which you love the most. But we are also swooning over all of the sweet patterns from Little Unicorn and Cloud Island. No matter which brand you choose you really can’t go wrong...just make sure you have these on your registry!


Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

owelet, baby heart monitor

As a new parent we know that there is nothing more important to you than your baby’s safety. That’s why we’ve included this ingenious product from Owlet that allows you to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they sleep (alerting you if levels go out of the preset zones). This is the peace of mind you need to know that your baby is resting peacefully and staying safe even when you’re not by their side. The additional features, like the ability to track how long and how well your baby slept, are really helpful for setting up the sleep routines that will optimize your baby’s rest for proper growth and development.


The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub with Sling

baby bath, baby tub

There are many newborn bathtubs to choose from, including awesome products that fit right into your sink. But we are all about simplifying your life as a parent and that means utilizing products that last longer than a few months. This First Years Tub is unique in that it grows with your baby. The detachable mesh sling gives the proper support for your baby when you bathe them during the newborn stage. Once they’re sitting up, the mesh insert will be removed. The large padded space accommodates a baby as they get bigger - even providing enough room for them to play as they become a busy toddler.


Babyganics Essentials Gift Set

babyganics, baby soap, organic baby soap

Now that you have the tub taken care of, you’ll need everything to keep your baby squeaky clean. Registering for bathing items as a set (instead of for individual products) is always a good idea so you know it’s all taken care of. This particular set includes other great products to use around your little one to make sure germs are kept away. Here’s what’s included in the Babyganics Essentials Gift Set:

  • Lotion
  • Bubble bath
  • Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Foaming dish and bottle soap
  • Toy, Table and High Chair Wipes
  • 2 alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizers

Many moms trust Babyganics products because they’re gentle yet effective and contain non-allergenic and plant-based ingredients (many of which are certified organic). We suggest looking into the entire line of Babyganics for other items such as sunscreen and laundry detergent.

While you’re at it, we highly recommend the Frida Baby Basics Kit for the final steps in keeping your baby clean and smooth from head-to-toe.


Haakaa New Mom Starter Kit

hands-free pump, handsfree pump

Breastfeeding moms will love this suctioning, hands-free manual pump from Haakaa. Every single drop of breastmilk is precious and you’d save every single one if you could, right? Well when your baby feeds, milk lets down in both breasts, so a lot of milk gets wasted from the side your baby isn’t latched onto. Using Haakaa solves this problem. The way that it works is you simply suction it to one breast and then begin feeding your baby on the other breast. Your baby gets to feed as they normally would while you get to save every bit of that liquid gold that comes out of your opposite breast. It’s definitely a must-have if you plan to breastfeed! 


Simmons Kids Room to Grow Bassinet to Infant Sleeper


The Simmons Kids Room to Grow Bassinet fits our goal of finding items that parents can utilize through many baby stages. Since the AAP recommends that new babies room-share during their first 6 months of life, most parents are going to want a bassinet for their baby to sleep in until it’s time to transition to a crib. We love this one in particular because of its adjustable height as well as the option to remove to lower the inside as your baby grows. Trust me when I say that the height of your baby’s bassinet makes a difference when you need to reach in there several times in the middle of the night. Being able to adjust the height to the height of your bed means you can easily roll over to check on your little while sitting up. 

Unlike many other bassinets, this one accommodates a growing baby for their entire first year. 


Milk Snob Multifunctional Cover

baby cover, breast cover, baby shade, protect baby from sun

We love anything that pulls double-duty, which is why we love this multifunctional cover from Milk Snob. Why would you want to drag around 2 items with you when you could streamline it into one? That’s exactly what Milk Snob has gone and done. This cover can be used two ways:

As a carseat cover. This is an item you definitely need. You will carry your baby around in their car seat a lot those first few months when out running errands. And a lot of that time will be spent sleeping. A cover helps to ensure that your baby has a dark and cozy spot to snooze without interruption. It can also help keep sunlight off of your baby when you’re outside (and even keep random people from trying to touch your baby...just no.)

As a nursing cover. While out on those errands, no doubt your baby will get hangry. News flash - babies don’t care where you are - when it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat. If you prefer a more discreet feeding experience, just pop this cover off the carseat and place it over your head. Voila - you have the perfect hideaway for your baby to eat in peace. 


Evenflo Silicone Reusable Sanitizer Microwave Steam Bags

microwavable baby bags, heat milk

One of the easiest and safest ways to sanitize your baby’s everyday products they use (thinks pacifiers, bottles, pump parts, teethers, etc.) is by steaming them in a special container in the microwave. There are different products that Target offers that do this well, but we love this reusable bag from Evenflo for two main reasons:

It’s reusable. We are all about reducing our carbon footprint in any way that we can so we much prefer this option over the disposable options.

It’s easy to take on the go. Whether you’re traveling, heading over to Grandma’s house, or need a quick way to sterilize pump parts at work, it’s always better to have something that works just as well no matter where you are. 


4moms MamaRoo Bluetooth Enabled Baby Swing


A baby swing is definitely a must-have for your Target Registry. Though there are several options to choose from, we especially love this techy one from 4moms. This one easily beats out the competition because of the ability to control it from your phone. We are all for anything that helps make the parent multi-tasking life easier. Here’s what you can adjust from your phone:

  • 5 unique motions that mimic the way you rock and sway your little one
  • 5-speed options depending on what your baby prefers
  • 4 built-in sounds or even pipe in their favorite lullabies with the MP3 plug-in
  • Multiple recline positions

To say this baby swing is customizable to your baby’s needs would be an understatement!

Bonus Items for Your Target Registry

We just couldn’t leave without mentioning a few more of our favorites, so be sure to put these everyday items on your list, too!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment - AKA the best diaper rash cream ever. You’ll definitely want to buy a tube or two before the baby comes.

Honest Diapers - We can’t get enough of the darling patterns on these great quality diapers. Your baby’s tushy will never have looked so good.

Philips AVENT Soothie - These are the best go-to pacifiers for newborns and you’ll definitely want them ready to go from Day 1. Wubbanub uses the same pacifiers but are connected to a sweet little stuffed animal which doubles as simple comfort for your little one.

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