Tushbaby Review by Physical Therapist and Pregnancy/Postpartum Coach Betsey Caldwell

How many mamas out there are all for the baby snuggles!? I  love carrying my baby but I have been dealing with De Quervain's Tenosynovitis AKA "mommy thumb" for about two months now. The thumb tendons are aggravated when I carry Noah, open jars, wrestle with him to stay put during poopy diaper changes, or lower him into his crib. The thing is, I do not want to stop doing all of these things! It has been such a bummer having to rest my thumbs and hold him less. Every mama reading this knows how endearing it is when you have two little hands grasping at your pant legs, wanting to be picked up.

SO sob story behind me, this is why I am terribly excited that TushBaby sent me their carrier. Had I heard of the TushBaby before, I would have 100% registered for it! I own other soft wrap carriers as well as an ergo carrier but Noah is not a fan of either of them. I can tell there was a lot of thoughtfulness behind the design of this carrier from the perfect placement of multiple pockets, a water bottle holder, and even a safety lock to ensure a safe fit.
The thing is, the TushBaby relieves pressure off of my thumbs, shoulders, and neck while holding him. The first weekend I had this carrier I was over the moon! My thumbs were not throbbing, the heavens opened, angels sang. 
But in all seriousness, the physical therapist in me is loving this carrier! I do, however, want to leave you with a few tips in order for you to feel your best while wearing it:
1. It is common to prefer to wear the carrier on one side versus the other but try to switch back and forth. We do not want to create muscle imbalances in our body.
2. Do not rely on this for ALL of your baby carrying. We still want to be strong mamas, able to hold and support our babies without assistance when needed.
3. Wear the carrier snug, placed above your hips, but do not make it as tight as humanly possible. Your pelvic floor will thank you for this because it doesn't need the added pressure.
4. If you put the carrier on and notice that your low back is arching forward and your shoulders are swaying backward, OR you are leaning to one side, stand in front of a mirror and focus on standing tall with your head, shoulders, and pelvis stacked. We should exhibit normal posture while wearing the TushBaby in order to avoid dysfunction in the future.
Mamas, I only write product reviews of items that I can stand behind. TushBaby is definitely a product I trust!
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