What Do Grandparents Buy for New Baby?

Grandparents live to spoil their babies and their baby’s babies. With a new grandchild on the way, you’re probably on the hunt for must-have baby items. So, what do grandparents buy for a new baby? Read on as we unwrap the best baby gifts from grandparents.

Unique Baby Gifts from Grandparents

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Gift Ideas from Grandparents for New Baby

Gifts from Grandma and Grandpa are extra special for babies and their parents. While you want to spoil your grandchildren with things their parents may not buy, you also want to gift practical items that can promote development. Here are some gift ideas from Grandparents for a new baby.

  • Activity mat/baby gym: An activity mat or baby gym is a mat babies can lie down on or use for tummy time. Most varieties have bright images on the mat itself and interactive elements that hang above the baby, like mobiles. Your grandchild will love rolling around on the mat and reaching out at what’s around them.
  • Children’s books: It’s never too early to start introducing books into a child’s life. If the child is very young, you can get them a book with different textural elements that they will enjoy touching. You can also start stocking up on books they can read themselves when they are older.
  • Sleep sack: Sleep sacks are great for babies as they cover the baby while it sleeps without increasing the risk of SIDS. A sleep aid item like a sleep sack will be happily welcomed and appreciated by both parents and their babies. Sleep sacks provide babies with a warm, womb-like experience that will help them get the rest they need. They are available in a variety of colors and prints and offer features like no sleeves, full-length sleeves, hand covers, and more.
  • Hooded towels: Hooded towels are a handy bath tool that can make bath time more fun. They wrap around the baby, making them feel protected and warm the second they get out of the bath. They also make for an adorable photo opp! With baths being a part of a regular routine, Grandma and Grandpa can be thought of often.
  • Diapers (and wipes): Diapers and wipes are something a new parent can never have enough of. Make sure that the diapers you buy suit the baby and parent in terms of size and style. The wipes should be made with non-irritating materials — you may also consider eco-friendly varieties.
  • Teething toys: When babies begin teething, it can be unpleasant for everyone involved. Teething toys will minimize pain and divert the baby’s attention, so they are not focused on their irritated gums. Make sure the teething toy you select is made of soft, pliable materials. Avoid amber teething necklaces that can be a choking or strangulation hazard.
  • Blanket: A warm, soft blanket is one of the best baby gifts from grandparents. We all have a baby blanket or toy that played a pivotal role in our childhood. Your parents probably had to retire yours once it was barely recognizable. A blanket from Grandma and Grandpa is an extra special gift. Consider personalizing the blanket for an added touch.
  • Personalized puzzle, toy, or nursery décor: A toy, puzzle, or nursery décor makes a terrific baby gift. A toy or puzzle will aid with development, while the nursery décor will look lovely in the child’s room.  If the item has the baby’s name on it, it will be that much more precious.

Gift Ideas from Grandparents to Help Mom & Dad with New Baby

In the months leading up to delivery day, and the years to follow, Mom and Dad will need plenty of resources to help raise their child. Here are some ideas for gifts that Grandparents can give to help Mom and Dad with their new baby.

  • Newborn photoshoot: A newborn photoshoot creates memories that parents will treasure for a lifetime. Once they have the photos, they can keep them, post them on social media, and/or give them to relatives. Grandparents should contact a reputable photographer and allow parents to schedule a shoot time that works best for them and their little one.
  • Savings account or education fund: As you did for your own child, you may want to ensure a stable and successful life for your grandbaby. Opening a savings account or education fund can set the example of financial responsibility while aiding them with expenses or investments that may occur down the line. It’s advisable to open an account that will generate interest or set up a direct deposit to ensure the account will grow.
  • Gift Card: If you’re pressed for time or are trying to give a gift to someone who seems to have it all, a gift card is a smart option you really cannot go wrong with. 
  • Baby carrier: Baby carriers are a Mom and Dad’s best friend. While they may not think they need one, the gift of a baby carrier is one that they will thank you for, for years to come. The Tushbaby is the best-selling ergonomic hip seat carrier on the market. If you want to make Mom and Dad’s lives easier, gift them their very own Tushbaby! And who knows, you may want to get one for your new babysitting duties (Also Read: Best Baby Carriers for Grandma to Use). 
  • Stroller: A baby stroller is a gift that any parent can use. When choosing a stroller, you must consider the type of stroller that’s best for the family, whether it be a jogger, an umbrella, a full-sized, etc. You must also consider safety features, durability, and ease of use.
  • Crib: Cribs are another baby necessity. There are various types of cribs to choose from, including standard, portable, convertible, multi-use, and more. The crib should be safe and durable and should fit within your budget.
  • Stocked fridge: Grocery shopping can be a monumental task when you have a new baby. You will be helping out your adult children immensely by stocking their fridges with healthy items that are easy to prepare. Make sure the foods you buy give them the energy they need to tackle their busy day.
  • Cleaning service: Cleaning is another task that can be very difficult for new parents. Your children will be extremely thankful if you hire a cleaning service to get their home looking clean and organized. The service can be a one-time thing, or you can pay for cleaning on a monthly or yearly basis. The company should know there is a newborn in the home so they can take the appropriate safety precautions.  Visits should be scheduled at the parents’ convenience. 

If your kids are having kids, you may be wondering, what do grandparents buy for new baby? The suggestions in this article should get you off to a good start. You can also check out our article, Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms for more ideas. We wish you and yours the best of luck welcoming your new addition to your family!

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