When is Baby No Longer a Newborn?

If you’re a soon-to-be parent or a parent to a newborn, understanding the various developmental phases in your baby's life will help you to be best prepared for what’s to come. Parenting a newborn can take so much energy out of any caregiver, both physically and mentally. Parents of newborns make a huge adjustment to life with less sleep, less routine, and less normalcy. 

If you’re looking to be best prepared for what comes after the newborn phase, we’ve got you. Keep reading as we review what’s to come next in your and your baby’s lives and how you can best adjust to the new daily routine of a growing and older baby. 

When is a Baby No Longer Considered a Newborn?

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What age counts as newborn?

As much as we want our children to stay little forever, there comes a time when they will no longer be considered newborns. Your baby will be considered a newborn until about 2 months old. With age being an indicator of your baby’s developmental phase, there are other sure signs you no longer have a newborn on your hands. And many milestones are still to come past the newborn phase!

Is a 3 month old a newborn?

A 3 month old baby can technically still be considered a newborn, but you may realize your baby is much more active and responsive at this time. We will review later some of the developmental signs that your baby is no longer a newborn—meaning you are on to the next exciting phase. 

What’s next after the newborn stage?

So, your tiny baby is no longer a newborn, so what’s next? After the newborn stage, your baby will enter the infancy stage. The infancy stage relates to the period from 3 months to about 1 year old, which has many amazing milestones. 

When is the newborn phase over?

Aside from age, there are some changes you will begin to see and feel as you move from having a newborn to an older baby. Parenting a newborn can come with some sure exhaustion as you navigate sleepless nights and parenting worries. After the newborn phase, these challenges may start to seem a bit smaller. As you get more confident in your parenting skills(and hopefully more sleep), you will see the differences in parenting a newborn versus an older baby. Here are some signs that your baby is no longer a newborn:

Signs that your baby is no longer a newborn

You can decipher between cries

You will start to decipher what your baby needs when they’re crying. As you adjust to parenthood, newborn cries can all sound the same. As your baby gets older, you will start to sense whether a cry is due to hunger or a diaper change. Talk about a parenting win!

You’re on a routine

As your baby gets older, you may find that you’re getting into a better groove of things with a routine. Both you and your baby may start to dial in a daily routine that works for you for feeding, sleeping, and even playing. The certainty of a routine will be good for both your baby and you as a parent. 

Feedings are quicker

It’s completely normal for parents to struggle with feedings early on. Difficulty latching or even just getting in a comfortable position is a common feeding struggle early on. As your baby ages, these feedings will start to get quicker as you both get the drill down. 

When it comes to feeding, the Tushbaby hip seat carrier is the perfect option for comfort and support. Simply strap the Tushbaby hip seat carrier high and tight around your waist and hold your baby in the feeding position. The carrier evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your body, taking the pressure off your baby and saving your arms. 

You change fewer diapers

Fewer diaper changes and fewer diaper purchases are on the horizon as your baby will start to need fewer changes throughout the day after their newborn phase. 

Your baby can hold their head up

As your baby begins to hold their head up alone, you will no longer need two hands to hold them. Because babies undoubtedly still want to be held outside of the newborn phase, the Tushbaby hip seat carrier is the perfect option to provide you with extra low back support. And an added bonus: your baby’s tush will have a comfortable seat, and you’ll only need one arm to support them.  

Your baby starts to show some personality

As your baby grows older, they will start to let their personality shine! Just wait for those deep baby belly laughs. 

You leave the house more often

With an older and more active baby, you’ll both be ready to get some much-needed time outside the house. 

The Tushbaby hip seat carrier will provide you with the support to be sure that no adventure gets cut short due to pain or exhaustion. In addition to your Tushbaby hip seat carrier, there are some other must-haves to be best prepared for any trips out of the house—and many of them fit into Tushbaby’s five storage pockets! 

If you need extra help, Totebaby can pack along all you’ll need for your adventures with your baby, for whatever the day has in store. Totebaby includes a slim vegan leather Tushbaby diaper changing pad, a fully stocked organizer, and a crossbody strap to store your Tushbaby. Totebaby even wipes down for easy cleaning, so no matter where the day takes you, you’ll be ready whenever sh*t happens. 

You’re taking fewer pictures/posting fewer social media updates

Those adorable sleeping baby photos may begin to slow as you now have a much more active little one on your hands. No question you will still take lots of pictures, but you’ll now be spending more time keeping your baby busy. 

Baby is sleeping longer (...maybe)

While every baby is different, you may start to settle into a better sleep routine as your baby gets older. Babies typically start to sleep in longer increments as they age. 

Baby can roll over

Typically around 4 months, your baby will begin to roll over, an exciting milestone that is a sure sign you no longer have a newborn. 

Baby stays entertained long enough to cook or take a shower

That’s right, a little more personal freedom will come back to you. It’s funny how we take for granted things like showering alone before babies. After the newborn phase, your baby may stay entertained long enough for you to enjoy these things alone again! 

You’re introducing solid foods

By about 4 to 6 months, you will start swapping more bottles for different baby foods, experimenting with what flavors and foods your little one likes. 

Your baby starts to drool

Remember how we said you’d begin to leave the house more? Bringing an extra set of clothes with you will be key, as you never know when the added drool—or any other bodily fluid—will become what your baby is wearing. Pack an extra set of clothes in one of your Tushbaby or Totebaby pockets to be prepared! 

While you may not have a newborn on your hands anymore (or yet!), your job as a parent is complex and so important. For all parent must-haves that can help you prepare for life with a growing baby, shop Tushbaby. Just because your baby may not be a newborn anymore doesn’t mean they won’t want to be held close; It just means that holding them will be even more exhausting. But not with help from Tushbaby. The Tushbaby Carrier is safe for babies from birth up to 45 pounds. In addition, the Totebaby is the perfect sustainable tote bag for parents with kids of all ages. With plenty of room, pockets, and additional baby gear items, you’ll be ready for anything while keeping up your style status quo. 

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