Which Way Should Baby Face in Stroller

A stroller can offer parents a lot of freedom and convenience when it comes to leaving the house with their baby. Strollers allow caregivers to navigate through crowds or public places with their baby and belongings in tow. A big question parents have when choosing a stroller is, which way should a baby face in a stroller? There is no one right answer for how a baby should face in a stroller. The way your baby faces in a stroller can depend on various factors like age, safety, and personal preference. In this blog, we will review the pros and cons of each style of stroller and how you can maximize stroller time for you and your child.

Which Way to Face Baby in a Stroller or Pushchair

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Why do strollers face forward?

 Strollers face forward for various reasons: one of the most popular reasons is that it allows babies to explore the world around them. While babies are often very interested in their parents in their younger months, they may start wanting to see what is around them and explore more. 

When can babies face forward in strollers?

Front-facing strollers are typically for babies starting around 4 to 6 months since that’s when they begin to hold their heads up and get curious about the world around them.If you’re using a parent-facing stroller, there may come a time when your baby starts to lift their head to peek at their surroundings. This can be a good indication that they may be ready for a front-facing stroller. 

When can a baby sit upright in a pushchair seat?

For pushchair seats, it’s recommended that your baby is not in the full upright position until they can sit on their own. This typically happens around 5 to 7 months of age. Reclining the seat can usually happen when a baby can hold their head upright, around 4 months old. 

What are the benefits of a parent-facing stroller for a baby?

Emotional comfort

Babies can feel better protected during their outings since they can see their parents. The closeness and visibility can help keep your baby calm during an outing. 

More support and protection

Most parent-facing strollers are designed with additional support as they are typically used for younger babies. Extra head support and padding are some design features typical of a parent-facing stroller. 

Good for development

A parent-facing stroller can be good for baby development as it encourages direct eye contact and interaction with their parents. This means your baby can listen and learn about all you share about the world around them. Parent-facing strollers also allow babies to watch their parents and their interactions with their surroundings. 

Can help baby nap better

Your baby may be able to nap better in a parent-facing stroller for a few reasons. First, parent-facing strollers are often designed with a flat carriage or extra support. This allows your baby to lay comfortably, making it much easier for them to doze off for a nap. Second, your baby may be able to nap better due to the ability to see your face. Having the ability to see a parent’s face is often the source of safety and comfort a baby needs to nap comfortably. 

What are the benefits of a parent-facing stroller for you?

Peace of mind

When you can see your baby, you can have peace of mind that they are comfortable and secure. You will be able to see in their face if there is any sense of distress or discomfort. With your baby’s comfort and safety immediately visible to you, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the outing you are on with your baby.

Easy to monitor your baby

Peace of mind comes from the ability to monitor your baby easily. Monitoring if your baby is sleeping, awake, cold, or positioned well is much easier when your baby is facing you. Of course, as your baby gets older and gains more strength, the need to monitor them as closely may lessen. 

Easier to bond with your baby

Parent-facing strollers allow parents and their babies to look at one another while out and about. Being able to see each other, especially at a younger age, will help promote that bond with your little one. 

Are there any benefits to using a front-facing stroller?

Of course there are! We just reviewed many of the benefits of parent-facing strollers, but that’s not to say that a front-facing stroller isn’t a good option for you and your baby. Age will be a big factor in deciding which stroller is the right fit. 

Think about the many adventures to come with your little one. When your baby is old enough to take in the world around them, a front-facing stroller provides them the same ability to see all that you are seeing. This can allow you to experience, and talk about, those adventures together. Whether you are taking your baby to the zoo, the park, the grocery store, or even a wedding, a front-facing stroller allows them to absorb all the fun that is happening around them. 

How to choose the most suitable type of baby stroller

As we have mentioned, age has a lot to do with the stroller type you choose to put your baby in. Which stroller you choose for your baby will depend on where they are in their development,  as well as your personal preference.  One thing's certain: no matter the age, you and your baby must have the right gear for the occasion. Here are some tips for making an outing with your stroller even more seamless: 

#1. Stroller Hooks Tushbaby’s stroller hooks are an easy way to keep hands free for any outing. Parents know the struggle of feeling like they are bringing along the entire house just for a quick trip to the store. Although the stroller takes the baby carrying out of the mix (mostly), you’ll still have plenty to lug around. Whether it's your purse or even a grocery bag, Tushbaby’s stroller hooks allow you to keep the necessities accessible with hands-free convenience. 

#2. Totebaby: Tushbaby’s fashionably chic and sustainable tote bag can be one of the items you hook onto your handy new stroller hooks. The Totebaby’s removable organizer, changing pad, and cross-body strap make it a versatile bag of tricks, whether you’re on or off parenting duty. Use it as a diaper bag, grocery bag, yoga bag, purse, or all of the above. And better still, Totebaby comes with a removable divider pocket that’s perfectly designed to hold a Tushbaby. 

#3. Paci Pod: When your baby gets fussy, the last thing you’ll want to do is dig through the bottom of a bag or a stroller. Our Paci Pod allows you to store and hook your baby’s pacifier in a clean and convenient place, which can also hold credit cards or lipstick when you’re out solo. 

#4. The Pack: This fanny pack diaper bag is the perfect solution for a stroller outing with light baggage. Strap your pack across your chest, back, or around your waist to keep your hands free. It packs all your personal items, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.  

While strollers may provide additional storage and plenty of convenience, you can pair them with practical accessories to make life even easier. Stroller hooks are one of the best accessories to pair with a stroller. From hooking your diaper bag, Totebaby, or purse to your stroller, stroller hooks can make important items easily accessible while making room for items that need to be stowed. 

Maximize your stroller space. . . try Tushbaby’s stroller hooks today!

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