Babywearing in the Rain

Whether it’s for a walk through the neighborhood or running errands that just can’t wait, there may be days when you and your baby need to weather bad weather together. We shouldn’t let a little rain get in the way when a baby carrier can help keep your baby comfortable and dry on a wet day. 

If the weather is safe enough to get outdoors, having the support of a baby carrier can help as you cover all your parenting to-dos. Keep reading as we go over how to keep you and your little one dry, comfortable, and safe for babywearing in the rain. 

Successful Babywearing in the Rain

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Is babywearing in the rain beneficial for baby?

Babywearing can be a great option for caretakers on a rainy day. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to juggle when you take your baby out of the house. Add in the rain, and things can feel a bit more tricky. Babywearing can be a great way to keep your baby close, dry, and comfortable. No matter how you shield your baby from those drops, having them close will help them feel safe,  with the bonus of warmth from whoever is carrying them. Putting on a carrier can be done in the car instead of unfolding a large stroller. You can simply carry your baby using a baby carrier while providing shelter via an umbrella as you face the elements. 

How to soothe a fussy baby while babywearing in the rain

When it comes to a fussy baby in the rain, using your surroundings to your advantage can come in handy. If it’s safe enough to do so, take a walk around the block while babywearing. Your baby will feel calmer being close to you and will have many distractions from the sounds of rain to soothe them. If the rain isn’t enough, try singing a song! What a perfect time to sing or hum some favorite lullabies — ‘itsy bitsy spider’  or maybe ‘rain rain go away’ if you’ve really had enough of the rain.

Can I use an umbrella while babywearing?

Safety is the number one priority when babywearing in any weather. If you can safely carry an umbrella while providing your baby with proper support, this is a great way to keep you both dry. If you will be walking for a long distance, keep in mind that your arm may get tired from holding the umbrella. Be prepared with some waterproof layers just in case. 

How do I keep baby warm and dry while babywearing in the rain?

There are a few methods to keep your baby warm and dry in the rain. Be sure to dress yourself and your baby in layers, given the temperature outdoors. If it’s an extra cold rainy day, having waterproof material as the last layer is the best way to keep your little one dry. For some types of baby carriers, waterproof coverings are available online that allow you to wrap the outside of a carrier in waterproof material rather than wrapping another layer around your baby. This can be helpful as some waterproof clothing becomes slippery and a bit trickier for babywearing. 

How do I keep myself dry while babywearing in the rain?

Keeping dry in the rain is key to comfort for both caregiver and baby. When you’re comfortable, your baby will be more comfortable too. Keeping yourself dry can be done in a few ways: if you have an umbrella and feel confident holding it while babywearing, this can be a great option. Keep in mind you will need an umbrella wide enough to cover you both and long enough not to be poking either of you as you walk. 

Another great option that is even more hands-free is waterproof coverings, like a poncho. So long as your baby’s airway and face are kept exposed, a large poncho or waterproof jacket can be used for dryness and an added layer of warmth for you and your baby. 

Is it OK to take a newborn out in the rain?

As long as everyone is in the proper attire to stay warm and dry, taking your newborn out in the rain can be a wonderful experience. Be sure to take the right safety precautions and use your best judgment when it may just be too much to weather with a newborn in the rain. Enjoying a rainy day can open your baby’s senses to beautiful new sounds, sights, and even smells. We aren’t the only ones who love that fresh smell of rain, right? 

How long can I babywear in the rain?

Ultimately, babywearing in the rain can be done for whatever duration you feel confident and safe carrying your baby. While how long you can keep your baby safe and dry is important, it’s equally critical that you feel confident carrying your baby. Things can become quite slippery during and after a rainfall, so if you feel like you may be questioning the safety of babywearing on a rainy day, it’s best to seek some shelter and try the outdoors again another day. On days it is safe to adventure in the rain, Tushbaby’s ergonomic design and four carrying positions give you options and added support to carry your baby even longer. 

How do I protect my baby carrier from the rain?

Keeping your carrier covered (while keeping your baby’s face unobstructed) is one way to protect it from the rain. Waterproof carrier covers can be purchased online depending on what type of carrier you and your little one prefer. 

You are juggling a lot taking your baby out in the rain, so don’t stress if your carrier is splashed with some rain or mud. The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is machine washable and can come out good as new. Just remove the plastic insert, throw it in the wash on cold, and lay it flat to dry. Don’t forget to empty out those dry clothes and socks you tucked away in the storage pockets first! 

What is the best baby carrier for rainy weather?

There are many great options for baby carriers available. Choosing one that is right for rainy days ultimately depends on what allows you and your baby to have the most comfortable and safe carrying experience. On a rainy day, the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is a great option. Its five storage pockets allow you to keep all the extras on hand, and out of your hands. This allows you to hold your umbrella close and your little one even closer. Tushbaby also offers a changing pad that can fit in any of the pockets — talk about convenience!

The Tushbaby is recommended by professionals that appreciate its ergonomic design for both the baby and the wearer. To ensure your baby is in the proper position, use the Tushbaby Carrier: it promotes healthy hip growth in babies and keeps their hips in the pediatric-recommended “M'' position. For rainy and dry days, the Tushbaby Carrier has your back. . . literally!

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