Four Ways to Carry Your Baby With Tushbaby

As busy parents and caregivers, being available to your little ones while also accomplishing all that life throws at you can be a challenge. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all looking for a way to make life a bit easier while also continuing to be the best version of ourselves (and great parents). Tushbaby is a company that puts babies and their needs at the center while also recognizing that the comfort of the caregiver and ability to get stuff done and go places is also necessary. Today we’re talking about the 4 ways you can carry your baby with this simple, yet genius, baby hip carrier.

What you won’t find with Tushbaby are confusing straps, wraps, or buckles. There is no learning curve, which can’t be said about many other baby carriers where you’re having to watch video after video to figure out how to use it correctly. Tightly velcro your Tushbaby carrier high on your hips, and you are ready to carry your baby with ease and without any of the discomfort you’d feel if you weren’t wearing it. 

Your baby is ready to be held by one of their favorite people in one of the following 4 positions. With easy up, easy down, and the option to face them all around...this is sure to be the baby carrier you can’t live without.


how to wear tushbaby


Feeding Position (0 - 36 Months)

Tushbaby can be used with your baby from day one. We’ve all seen the special “pillows” designed for laying your infant on while you feed them. We don’t argue that these serve a useful purpose for breastfeeding or bottle feeding! However, Tushbaby is essentially a dual-purpose product that can replace that extra gear. Not only can you carry your baby in the Tushbaby as they get a little older, but you can also use it as a convenient place to lay your baby in the cradle position as you feed them.

Tushbaby is all about creating closeness between baby and caregiver, while also giving you more comfort as you hold them. With babies feeding sometimes 12 times per day or more, having a place to lie them on next to you literally helps take the load off. Because the Tushbaby velcros tightly around your waist and sits up high, it brings the baby to the breast so that you simply support them instead of carrying all of their weight. And with the exhaustion a new baby can bring, this can be an enormous help!’s important that you’re always sitting down while using Tushbaby in this position. We know you’re busy, but when your little one is this small sitting down to feed them is best. As you would with any feeding pillow, you’ll need to support your baby with your arm or hands. Not only does this ensure safety, but it’s also the best way for your baby to latch and look into your eyes. 

Face to Face (about 4 - 36 Months)

You’ll be able to continue using the Tushbaby to feed your little on their side until the age of 3. But the fun really starts once your baby has gained more head and neck control. This starts to happen close to 4 months of age. 

(Hint: Lots of tummy time in the early months will strengthen your baby’s neck, shoulders, and upper arms which will help head control happen sooner.)

This is where you really get to see what Tushbaby is made of and how helpful it can be. At four months of age, your baby probably weighs in the ballpark of 12 - 18 pounds. Which means you’re really starting to notice the effect they have on your arms when you carry them. And not in a good way… But you want to carry them! You love to carry them! Tushbaby allows you to do that without any discomfort or pain. 

With Tushbaby velcroed tightly high on your waist, your baby at this age can sit comfortably on the cushioned, angled seat in front of you with their legs straddling the hipseat. And you can keep doing everything you need to for day-to-day life. That might mean tasks around the house, or exploring the city for hours. 

Just be sure that your baby’s head and neck are given extra support until they have full independent control (which happens around 6 months). 

And, of course, they’ll only grow from there. Though your baby will get heavier, you can continue to carry them with TushBaby without bearing the weight!

Side Carrying (about 4 - 36 Months)

hip seat, baby carrier

Traditionally, we carry babies on our hips. Once they’re too big to lay in our arms, it’s just the easiest way. But most of the time, parents only have one side that’s typically comfortable to carry their baby on (usually the opposite side of the dominant hand). This can really take a physical toll on a caregiver’s body. 

With Tushbaby you can continue to side carry your baby. But it’s so much easier!  

With their legs straddling you and their bottom on the hipseat carrier, your baby is able to snuggle up to you like they’ve always loved to do. The benefit for you is that you’re not constantly readjusting them on your hip or using all your arm strength to hold them up. Without TushBaby, this position can only last so long before you’re forced to put your baby down to get a break...which often results in a protest from your little one. 

With Tushbaby, you can side carry comfortably for hours! All it takes is an arm around them to keep them safe.

Front Facing (about 6 - 36 Months)

Around your baby’s ½ year birthday, you’ll notice that they have steady control over their head and bodies. But it’s important to remember that every baby is different, so if it takes a little longer, that’s ok! Every baby is unique. Once you see that your baby can hold their head upright on their own, they can sit facing out. By now they’re smiling, laughing, and really taking in the world around them so being able to front face them at this point is a gamechanger.

Without a carrier, your baby can’t sit and face out at the same time very easily. You’d usually have to hold them upright, and this isn’t really ideal for either of you. 

We love that Tushbaby lets you easily pick up your baby and face them out to see the world. In this front facing position, the Tushbaby continues to take on the weight of your child while you comfortably hold them with one arm. What a joy for them to take in that 180-degree view we easily take for granted.

No Matter Which Way You Choose to Carry…

With 4 ways to carry your baby with TushBaby, it works well for babies and toddlers at any age. We know that all babies have different preferences, and every parent or caregiver has different day-to-day adventures they want to do with their baby. TushBaby’s flexible carrying options means you can accomplish everything you need to while giving your baby the love they need. And the biggest bonus? 

No matter what position you choose, it’s a snap to get them from up to down and back again. Once children are mobile, they’re rarely ok with just hanging out. TushBaby ensures your child can get down and play and run around easily - which can’t be said about other baby carriers.

Tushbaby Carrier FAQs

Is there an age or weight limit for Tushbaby?

TushBaby can be used for kids up to about 3 years old, or 44lbs in weight. From 0-4 months, TushBaby can be used as breastfeeding support. Once babies begin to have more head and body control, the carrier can be used to hold your baby with them facing as you take care to hold their head. Around 6 months, when your baby has complete neck and head control, you can use TushBaby in all 4 ways.

Is Tushbaby safe?

Yes! We have endorsements from a pediatrician for babies, and a chiropractor for adults.

Pediatrician Dr. Andrew L. Nash, M.D. states, “Tushbaby's hipseat puts the child's hips in the proper "M" shaped position with thighs supported, also known as the "Spread Squat Position”. Sitting with this alignment decreases the risk of hip dysplasia. As a result, Tushbaby is an anatomically safe product for babies' bodies.”

Chiropractor Dr. Kseniya Gershber not only gives her stamp of approval for how Tushbaby can help caregivers carry little ones pain-free, she is also a user herself! She says, “Tushbaby has been saving my back and wrist while I multi-task with my baby on my hip. I highly recommend it to all my patients to help balance their body while carrying their little ones."

With that said, here are a few safety precautions you need to adhere to no matter which way you carry your baby:

  • The child must face in until they are able to hold their head up independently.
  • With Tushbaby, you must keep one arm around your child at all times.
  • Don’t use while cooking or cleaning.

For further instructions on use and care, here’s a link to the Tushbaby user manual.

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