Best Diaper Bag for Babywearing

Tackling the day with a baby in tow involves a lot of preparation and packing. If you’re one of the many caregivers who has taken up the ultimate parent hack of babywearing, you might be wondering how to best carry not just your baby, but also all of their stuff, and yours too. 

There are plenty of  necessities to pack to keep your baby comfortable and content throughout the day. The trick to choosing the right diaper bag to pack them all will always depend on a few things, like how long you will be out, what type of carrier you are using, and what makes sense for your budget. We will cover all of these questions below as we dive into picking the best diaper bag for babywearing. 

Carrying a Diaper Bag While Babywearing

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How do you carry things when babywearing?

There are plenty of ways to carry your things when babywearing. Some of the most common diaper bag options include backpacks, fanny packs, tote bags, and cross-body diaper bags. When choosing which diaper bag will best suit your needs, you will want to consider: 

Safety: Ensure that the bag type you choose allows you to continue to keep your baby well supported in their carrier. Keep in mind you will want to be sure to pick a diaper bag that doesn’t interfere with any ability to adjust your straps or your baby. 

Space: Consider how much space you need in the diaper bag you choose to use while babywearing. If you only need to bring minimal necessities, opt for a smaller bag that won’t get in your way. Fanny packs can be a great option here. If you are headed out for a day of errands, you may need some extra space. 

How do you wear a diaper backpack with a baby carrier?

Backpacks continue to be a popular choice for diaper bag options; however, they may not be the best option when babywearing. With slings and wraps, a backpack may make safe carrying or safe adjusting a bit more challenging. Consider a hip seat carrier if you’re interested in a diaper backpack. Tushbaby’s Hip Seat Carrier wraps solely around your waist and is ergonomically designed, with no straps or wraps to maneuver around your diaper bag backpack. It also features five storage pockets so that you can ditch that backpack for quick errands. 

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What to look for in a diaper bag to use when babywearing

What you will want to look for in a diaper bag when babywearing is something that will allow you to store whatever you need for the day ahead. One of the many benefits of using a baby carrier is that you can head out for a day of errands, walks, or fun while safely keeping your baby close. Having a diaper bag that works well with your carrier will allow you to be prepared for whatever your busy day of parenting has in store. The ToteBaby is a great option: it’s sleek, stylish, wipes down clean, and can even double as a grocery bag. With its removable divider, you can store your baby’s necessities on one side and your fresh produce on the other. 

Best budget diaper bag for babywearing

 If you’re looking for the ultimate budget-friendly diaper bag to rock with your baby carrier, why not combine the two? The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is the perfect combination of a baby carrier and diaper bag. Its five storage pockets allow you to pack the necessities for an outing with your little one, while the ergonomic design keeps you and your baby safe and comfortable. 

Best backpack diaper bag for babywearing

Diaper backpacks can be a great option when you have lots to carry. Just as you would with a baby carrier, be sure those backpack straps are pulled tight to ensure the best support and the least amount of strain on your lower back. While there are plenty of diaper backpacks to choose from, Parker Baby Co. and Mainframe are some of the Babylist top diaper backpack brand choices of 2022.

However, a backpack may not be the best option if you plan on babywearing.

Babies come with a lot of stuff, so the more compact you learn to travel, the better. Consider using the Tushbaby Carrier instead for storage and babywearing support. 

Best fanny pack diaper bag for babywearing

The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is the best fanny pack diaper bag on the market since it doubles as a baby carrier too. Its five storage pockets allow you to pack those diapers, extra clothes, pacifiers, wipes, and even your necessities. Slide your wallet into one of the pockets, clip your keys onto the elastic loop, and you can ditch the need to bring along your purse. This also gives you even more ability to safely support your little one with less strain on your arms. And since Tushbaby really thought of it all, check out our Portable Diaper Changing Pad! This slim vegan leather diaper changing pad folds up so small it can fit into any of your five Tushbaby carrier pockets — or even your own back pocket — so you can be prepared for whatever the day has in store. Our strap-free hip seat carrier and its ergonomic design allow you to carry your little one (and their belongings) longer and more comfortably. 

Best splurge diaper bag for babywearing

If you’re looking to splurge, there is no shortage of luxurious designer diaper bags. If you want a luxurious feel to your diaper bag without breaking the bank, check out Tushbaby’s vegan leather “Totebaby” diaper bag. The Totebaby is every parent's ideal practical option, allowing you to be packed and prepared while still looking fabulous and chic. 

Best crossbody diaper bag for babywearing

If a crossbody diaper bag is one you are considering, the Herschel Supply Co. Sprout Diaper Bag is notably popular on the market. Keep in mind that you will want to be sure the cross-body bag doesn’t interfere with the straps of your baby carrier. A hip seat carrier without straps or wraps, like the Tushbaby, may be the best carrier option when going for a crossbody diaper bag. 

Best diaper tote bag for babywearing

Hands down, the best diaper tote bag to rock while babywearing is the Totebaby, Tushbaby’s very own vegan leather tote. The Totebaby brings diaper bags to a new level with its stylish look and practical design. It also includes removable accessories like an organizer, divider, and slim fold-up changing pad to help pack and prepare you for any outing. The Totebaby can even double as a sustainable grocery bag, making that quick grocery shopping trip with your little one that much easier. 

Tushbaby is more than a brand; it’s your soon-to-be best friend. All of our products are designed and created with the intent to make everyday life easier. You’re just one  click away from babywearing like a pro! 

Join the Tushbaby family. . . shop online today!

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