Best Soft Baby Carrier

Babywearing is functional, but it can be hard on your body. Therefore, you’ll want to find a baby carrier that is not only comfortable but supportive too. Soft baby carriers are preferred by most parents and caregivers because they are easy to pop on and comfortable for the carrier and the baby. Some soft-structured baby carriers may be comfortable, but fail to provide proper lumbar and shoulder support. However, picking the best one is easier said than done, that is until you discover Tushbaby. Tushbaby is designed to keep your baby comfortable and your body safe. 

As you start browsing baby carriers you’ll soon learn that there are several different kinds. There are wraps, slings, hybrids, structured carriers, soft carriers, hip carriers, and more. Keep reading to learn about the various types of baby carriers and which ones are best.

Types of Soft Structured Baby Carriers

As you build your registry, you should include a baby carrier or maybe even two. Whether you’re traveling or cleaning up around the house, babywearing can help make your day-to-day life more manageable. Soft-structured carriers are typically padded, user-friendly, easily adjustable, and can be taken on and off with ease. They may even offer storage for other items. Meanwhile, wraps and other types of carriers may require some learning. Before choosing a soft structured baby carrier, explore your options and read the reviews. It may take some trials to find the baby carrier that you love. After all, our bodies and our babies are different! One baby may love a hip carrier, while another may love a sling. Let’s take a look at some of the best baby carriers available.

Best Soft Wrap Carrier: Boba Baby Carrier

What sets the Boba Baby Wrap Carrier apart is its super soft and stretchy fabric. Designed for parents of all sizes, the Boba can bind your baby to your torso for babywearing. For warm climates, a baby wrap may be less than ideal, so keep the temperature in mind if you're traveling. While wrap carriers may be favorable for the baby and comfortable for a period for the carrier, they might strain your back and other parts of your body after a long time. Additionally, they may not be able to hold as much weight as a hip carrier. The Boba Wrap Carrier can hold up to 35 pounds. Note that most baby wraps can only be worn in front-facing inward positions, giving parents fewer carrying options. 

Best Soft Sling Carrier: Moby Ring Sling Carrier

Baby sling carriers are usually secured over the shoulder and worn on the front of the body. Most sling carriers can be worn in various positions. Moby Ring Slings can be worn in both front and hip-carrying options, allowing the baby to grow with the carrier. Made with high-quality woven cotton fabric, the Moby is loved by parents and caregivers for its look and feel. Hence the name “Moby” — MOther and baBY are a top priority for the designers at Moby. 

Best Soft Hybrid Carrier: Boppy ComfyFit Hybrid Carrier

Hybrid carriers offer a mix between a soft baby wrap and structured carrier. The Boppy ComfyFit Hybrid Carrier is top-rated by parents and caregivers worldwide. It’s simple yet provides plenty of security and comfort. With three carrying positions and a storage pocket, the Bobby is one of the best hybrid carriers out there. On the downside, the shoulders are not adjustable, which can cause a poor fit that may put a strain on your body.

Best Soft Hip Carrier: Tushbaby

With 2,500+ 5-star reviews, Tushbaby is undoubtedly the best soft hip seat carrier on the market. Featuring a strap-free and truly ergonomic design, it provides plenty of support for your body and evenly distributes your baby’s weight. As an added bonus, Tushbaby can be used for breastfeeding support. It’s approved and recommended by many pediatricians and orthopedists, as it keeps your baby’s hips in the doctor-recommended “M” position. Tushbaby offers four carry positions and even has five storage compartments for your belongings — you could compare it to a fanny pack, but an actually stylish one that carries your baby and protects your body. It’s versatile, lightweight, and stain-resistant. Read the reviews and give it a try; you’ll be so thankful you did.

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