Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms

While moms should be celebrated every day, Mother’s Day is a great time to show the moms in your life how much you appreciate them. Many new moms can get lost in the chaos of life with a new baby, so a good gift for a new mother should fall under one (or all) of the following: it makes life with a baby easier, it gives mom a break, or it encourages some much-needed self-care. Don’t worry: if you need some inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts for new moms, we’ve got you covered.

Founded by moms, Tushbaby knows just what a new mom would enjoy—and what they would use time and time again. And for the ones in your life celebrating Mother’s Day with a bun in the oven, be sure to check out some of our top choices for baby shower gifts for new moms

9 Ideas for the Best Mother's Day Gift for New Mom

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#1. Slippers

Since moms are on their feet most of the day and probably aren’t leaving the house too much with a newborn, slippers are one of the new mom Mother’s Day gifts that’ll certainly be put to good use. When thinking about slippers for a new mom, comfort is the number one priority. It’s a plus if they’re durable enough for a trip to the mailbox too.

Slippers may seem basic, but they could be that one gift that a new mom might not even know she needed. If you’re looking to make your gift extra special or personalized, you can get custom slippers embroidered with their initials or even with their new name, ‘Mom.’ 

#2. Pajamas & robes

Let’s face it, new moms aren’t really looking to get dolled up every day, nor do they have the energy to do so. Comfortable clothes, pajamas, or robes can help that new mom feel their best while staying comfy at home. A silky robe or matching pajama set is a great Mother’s Day gift for a new mom that’s sure to wrap them in comfort. For bonus points, snag baby a matching pair of jammies to wear with Mom!

Speaking of wrapped in comfort, don’t forget to check out Tushbaby’s hip seat carrier that wraps comfortably around mom’s waist to provide ample support for carrying baby. Mom can rock those pajamas (all day long, if she wants to) while using her Tushbaby carrier throughout the day for carrying or feeding baby at home. 

#3. Care package

Care packages are a great way to get creative and add a personal touch on Mother’s Day gifts for new moms. Grab a basket or a cute bag (might we recommend the Totebaby if you’re going for functional chic?) and curate a few items that can help a new mom’s day-to-day or promote some relaxation and self-care.

You know your new mom best, but here’s a thought— a food delivery gift card, a bottle of wine, and some face masks can help give Mom a break for some self-care once the baby is asleep. Whatever you throw in, a care package is a great way to show how much you appreciate, care for, and support that new mom in your life. And yes, sometimes support comes in the form of comfort food or guilty pleasures. 

#4. New pillow/pillowcase

Getting sleep with a newborn in the house is hard enough as it is without a comfortable pillow or pillowcase.  A super comfy new pillow or luxurious pillowcase can be a great way to help promote a restful night’s sleep for a new mom who’s surely in desperate need.

#5. Home bath/spa package

While a spa day gift card can be an excellent gift for the mom that can sneak away, many new moms will find it challenging to take that time away from their baby. That’s why a home bath/spa package can be a great gift to show that new mom you care and ensure a gift card doesn’t go unused.

A home spa package can include bath bombs, face masks, luxurious lotions, and maybe even some soothing candles or essential oils. Whatever you can think of to help that new mom feel like they’re at the spa without the logistics of actually having to leave their house. 

#6. Daily cup of wellness

A new mom Mother’s Day gift can also be something they get to sip on every day. Whether it’s a coffee subscription, a wellness tea, or even a fancy coffee maker, a new mom Mother’s Day gift like this keeps the appreciation pouring for days to come. If you’re unsure what type of drink the new mom in your life would like, a gift card to a local coffee shop can be a great gift or add to a care package!

#7. Restaurant or food delivery gift card

As we mentioned, a food delivery gift card is a great way to give Mom a night off cooking to enjoy some of her favorite takeout. At the end of a long day of caring for everyone but themselves, this new mom will surely appreciate the gift of a break with their food delivery gift card.

Looking for a fun way to dress up a gift card for a new mom? Slip it in a Paci Pod to further the gift-giving. Our Paci Pod can hang on the stroller, Tushbaby hip carrier, purse, or just about anywhere you might need a clean paci within arm’s reach. Game-changer. Give Mom the gift of food and some peace— ain’t nothing better than that.

#8. Baby carrier

If there’s one thing a new mom is doing a lot of, it’s holding her baby.  Gifting a baby carrier can help take the extra strain off a mother’s body and allow them a tool to be more functional throughout the day.

When you gift a Tushbaby carrier, you’re giving a new mom a Mother’s Day gift of baby-carrying ease, comfort, and quality. The Tushbaby hip carrier’s ergonomic design fosters closeness with safety in mind; the waistband is easily adjustable so mom is comfortable standing or sitting, while the padded seat puts her baby’s legs in the proper “M” position to promote healthy hip growth. With five functional storage pockets, four different carry positions, and an adjustable waistband, every new mom can put this carrier to good use. 

#9. New diaper tote bag

Life with a new baby comes with a lot more baggage, literally. A new mom Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to be appreciated is a new diaper tote bag. Especially one that looks as chic as the Totebaby.

This buttery vegan leather tote doubles as a diaper bag, grocery bag, gym bag, you name it. The Totebaby comes fully stocked with an organizer, super slim fold-up changing pad, extra crossbody strap, and divider pocket—perfectly designed to hold a Tushbaby hip carrier. This chic gift will help the new mom in your life stay organized and feel confident while doing it. 

Other considerations for Mother’s Day gifts for new moms

Ultimately, a new mom Mother’s Day gift should help ease the day-to-day chaos that is motherhood, and give her the chance to give herself a little love. You can help do just that with Tushbaby’s Ultimate Gift Bundle, which comes with everything a new mom would need to carry her kid, stash her stuff, and save her back. What better way to show your appreciation for the new mom? The Ultimate Gift Bundle includes the chic Totebaby and organizer, the Tushbaby hipseat carrier, a portable vegan leather Changing Pad, and a Paci Pod. 

Before we conclude—don’t forget about Dad! If you’re planning for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is just around the corner. Be sure to check out some of the best gift ideas for new dads, like the Pack. Call it a manny pack, a daddy diaper bag, or whatever you’d like; this mini wearable diaper bag makes for the perfect gift for a new dad. 

All the new mommy must-haves. . . one click away. Order the Tushbaby Ultimate Gift Bundle today!

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