Gift Ideas for New Dads

Gifts for new dads or a dad-to-be are a great way to show  some love as they are about to enter an exciting chapter of their family’s life. New dad gifts can be practical, sentimental, funny, and even tear jerking.

Throughout this blog, we will highlight some new dad gifts that are meaningful and surely something for any new dad to use. 

Father-to-be Gifts

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What are good gifts for first time dads?

One of the most practical gifts for a new dad is a good carrier. Even though dads are strong, they too will appreciate a supported carrier. Carriers protect the body of the wearer as well as the baby. Having a carrier makes everyday tasks a bit easier, especially as dads get in the groove of holding their little one while trying to get things done in or out of the house. The Tushbaby hip seat carrier is a great option and comes in colors that dads will surely rock -- gray, camo, and black to name a few. Check them out on our site and order your first time dad one!

Do dads get push presents?

While they won’t be the one pushing, dads can absolutely get push presents. Dads play a huge role in supporting mothers through a pregnancy journey and beyond. A push gift can be a beautiful way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for that dad who may not be pushing that baby out…. but sure would if they could. Keep reading as we cover some of the top gift ideas for new dads that will surely be put to great use.

1. Gift to help new dad stay awake

It’s no secret that babies take a lot of energy. From adjusting to sleep schedules, losing sleep, or sleeping in shifts, new parents may find themselves getting by with a little help from….caffeine! One of the best gifts for new dads can be just that. Has the dad-to-be been eyeing a fancy espresso machine or even a new Keurig? A variety coffee subscription can also be a thoughtful and fun idea to keep the gifts coming, and dad will surely appreciate the energy boost. The best part about this gift, mom wins too! We love a good dual serving gift for both mom and dad as they embark on parenthood and potentially some sleepless nights.

2. A diaper bag for new dad: A Man Bag

Every dad should have their very own diaper bag or man bag. It may not be the first thing you think to gift, but dads will realize very quickly how important it is to have something to carry all the baby necessities wherever they go. Going anywhere with a baby requires packing lots of necessities, meaning dad can no longer rely on just the wallet in the pocket for a trip out of the house.

There are many great man diaper bag options out there, such as Tushbaby's The Pack, that will have dad looking cool and most importantly, prepared for any baby outing.

If you’re  looking to knock two birds with one stone as they say, the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is the perfect man bag as it allows dad to keep their baby close, enjoying all the snuggles while carrying all their belongings. The incredibly practical carrier has 5 storage pockets, making packing for any outing much easier! The 5 storage pockets can hold diapers, pacifiers, keys, wallet, and more. 

3. Matching t-shirts for new dad and baby

One of the cutest dad-to-be gifts is matching t-shirts for new dad and baby. Incorporating dad’s favorite movie character or sports team will undoubtedly have dad smiling from ear to ear. And imagine how cute the matching shirts will be as the two get to enjoy those moments like watching dad’s favorite sports team together for the first time, and matching doing it. 

4. Baby Calm-Down kit for new dad to have on-hand

Compiling some favorite baby soothing supplies is a great way to give dad what he will need to have on hand for those moments of ‘what do I do now?’ Gather some pacifiers, soft blankies, and anything else dad can have on hand to help soothe a crying baby.

Pro tip: Throw them all in a Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier and give dad the ultimate readiness gift. One thing we know about upset babies; they want to be held! The hip seat carrier will keep dad’s back and arms safe while comforting their upset baby. 

5. Gift for the sentimental new dad

The options for sentimental first-time dad gifts are endless and there’s no better look on a dad’s face when he opens a gift he wasn’t even expecting to get. One of the favorites to have gone viral in recent years is custom story books. There are plenty of great custom story book sites online that can help you craft the most beautiful, tear jerking story for dad to read about their life long journey as they take on their new role as dad, role model, and their kiddos best friend. 

6. Stroller for the father-to-be

A stroller is a tried-and-true useful gift for any family. Strollers provide families flexibility in any outing. A stroller can come in handy for so many occasions, including taking their little one to the beach, a football game, or a restaurant. There are varieties of strollers and brands that can be a knockout gift for a new dad.

7. Baby carrier for first time dad

One of the best dad-to-be gifts is a baby carrier! The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is a fan favorite for dads. With no hard to figure out straps or slings to get caught in, a first-time dad will surely be thankful for this incredibly practical gift.  As an added plus, baby carrying for dads offer so many great benefits which include: 

  • Bonding: Giving dad a tool to help him carry his baby close will allow for more secure attachments, providing a safe place for babies with their dad.
  • Dads can share the things they love with their baby: No matter what hobbies a dad-to-be in your life has, a baby carrier gives dad the freedom to bring their baby along to experiences of the things they enjoy. What baby wouldn’t love to get to go with dad for a day of adventure! 
  • Ergonomic: New parents will learn quickly just how much they are carrying their babies around. Although tiny, those babies can start to weigh on parents’ backs and arms. Having an ergonomic hip seat carrier saves parents backs and arms, keeping themselves safe while they keep their babies safe too! The Tushbaby Carrier puts your baby’s hips in the pediatric “M” position which can reduce the risk of hip dysplasia. Carriers often prioritize the wearer and the aesthetic as they believe this will make more sales. In reality the most important part of any baby product is the safety of the baby, and Tushbaby prioritizes that.
  • Stylish: The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is not just practical, it looks cool too. What dad wouldn’t love their camo baby carrying seat!

Tushbaby products are created by a team of supermoms. All Tushbaby products are designed to prioritize child safety while making parents' lives a little bit easier.

Featuring an ergonomic design (for you and your baby), durable materials, storage pockets, and 4 carrying positions, the Tushbaby Carrier is the world’s best-selling carrier on the market. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or feeding your baby, Tushbaby can give you the extra support that you need. As a new mom or dad, support is one thing that can make all the difference. The Tushbaby Carrier can make the perfect gift for any dad-to-be, and mom can enjoy it too!

Get your dad-to-be the world’s best selling carrier. . . shop Tushbaby today!

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