Tips for a New Mom Daily Routine

Undoubtedly, new mothers have a lot to balance as they adjust to life with a newborn. Taking care of a newborn while caring for themselves and the house can be overwhelming, but a  simple routine can help alleviate some of the stress of new parenthood.

Creating routines can help establish structure and leave less room for the unexpected… although it’s important to remember that things won’t always go as planned. This blog will provide tips for creating a new mom daily routine that works for you and your lifestyle. 

New Mom Routine

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How do you structure your day with a newborn?

The thought of establishing a routine with a newborn for new mothers can seem daunting. While a routine can be helpful, it isn’t realistic you’ll be following one right from day one home from the hospital. You’ll need some time at home first to adjust. When you’re ready to get back to some sort of structure, it will be time to think about a routine. With a newborn, it may be best to structure the day around their sleep and feeding times. For some, this may be breaking up the day by morning, afternoon, and night. Once your baby’s sleep and feeding times have been established, you can work in the other tasks, chores, and self-care that are important to you in a daily routine. 

How do stay-at-home moms make daily routines?

The most important part of setting a daily routine is creating one that is realistic for you and your family. For a stay-at-home mom, creating a daily routine will take some thought as to what needs to be accomplished each day and how to keep sane while doing it. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the day when you’re home with the baby. Some important considerations for a stay-at-home mom routine include: 

  • Finding time for yourself: This can even be a quiet cup of coffee before the baby wakes. Doing things you enjoy will be important for your mental health as you adjust to motherhood. 
  • Ensuring you are resting too: Whether you rest when the baby does or seek support from friends, it’s important to get sleep to best take care of your newborn. 
  • Getting out of the house for fresh air and sunshine: Many new mothers struggle with overwhelming emotions early on. Getting out for some fresh air and sunshine can be an instant mood booster. 

What time should I start my newborn's day?

In the early weeks at home with your newborn, sleeping times may vary as your baby adjusts to understanding the difference between day and night. Remember, they knew no different while in a dark womb for months. At around 2-4 months, your baby’s sleep patterns may be more predictable. You can encourage this by establishing a consistent bedtime routine.

Starting the day may look different depending on the schedule you’ve encouraged for your newborn. A common start for the day is between 6 and 7 am, but yours may very well be different. 

Morning routine for new mom with baby

Morning routine activities can help start your day on the right note. Some common morning activities include:

  • Morning diaper changes and feeds: Make feeding time easier with your Tushbaby Carrier and other breastfeeding must-haves for new moms
  • Breakfast and kitchen clean-up: Mornings can usually include doing dishes from the day before or morning breakfast. This can also mean cleaning bottles and pacifiers (PS - read more on how to clean baby’s pacifier). Once clean and dry, store pacifiers in your Paci Pod to have them clean and handy throughout the day. For easy access, clip your Paci Pod to Tushbaby’s elastic loop and slip a bottle into the bottle holder. 
  • Get some fresh air: Starting the day with a morning walk around the neighborhood can benefit both you and your baby. With Tushbaby, you can keep your baby warm and secure while allowing them to engage with you and their surroundings outside.

Afternoon routine for new mom with baby

By late morning or early afternoon, your baby is likely down for a nap. You can use this time to get some rest yourself, tidy up the house, and more. Once your baby is awake, an afternoon can look like… 

  • Another diaper change and feeding: Don’t forget to use your Tushbaby Carrier to ensure proper posture and optimal comfort for both you and your baby.
  • Playtime: This can look different at various ages, but playtime is an important part of your baby’s development. 
  • Running errands or visiting friends: Yes, you can indeed leave the house with a baby! Your Tushbaby Carrier can help make any adventure with your baby more enjoyable. Pack up diapers, wipes, lotion, a change of baby clothes, and personal items in the five Tushbaby pockets, and you’ll be ready to go.

Evening routine for new mom with baby

By evening time, you’re likely to be ready for things to wind down. Some evening time routine activities can include: 

  • Making dinner and kitchen clean-up: if you have a particularly clingy baby, making dinner and cleaning up are great times to use your Tushbaby Hip Seat so they can share in the activities and get some extra snuggles in. 
  • More diaper changes and feeds:  If we haven’t convinced you yet, you’ll want the extra support for your arms and back from your Tushbaby Carrier
  • Bath and bedtime routines: Read more on getting baby to fall asleep here. You can use your Tushbaby in the cradle position to help soothe your baby to sleep.

Remember, all of these activities are simply suggestions for what the day in the life of a new mom may look like. Keep reading for tips on sustaining your new mom daily routine, no matter what that looks like to you. 

Tips for sticking to a new mom daily routine

Now that you have established some structure for your daily routine, here are some tips to help you stick to your new routine: 

  • Be consistent: An important part of establishing a new routine is staying consistent. Your baby will come to find comfort in the consistency, making it easier to stick to the routine. 
  • Be patient and flexible: While consistency can help maintain routines, things will not always go as planned. Your baby may have days where they need more attention, days they skip naps, etc. Things like minor colds or teething can also be the cause of some straying from the routine.  
  • Adjust as your baby develops: As your baby reaches new developmental milestones, their daily routine may need adjusting. Feeding times, naps, and even diaper changes may become further apart than they were in the newborn stage. 
  • Babywearing: Babywearing is the ultimate mom hack for sticking to routines while keeping your baby close. Babywearing using your Tushbaby Carrier can help you get the ‘to-dos’ done even when your baby just wants to be held. Babywearing using your Tushbaby Carrier can be a part of the routine for things like neighborhood walks or going grocery shopping with your baby. Not to mention, a baby carrier can be a lifesaver when the routine doesn’t go as planned and you’ve still got household chores to do. 
Be prepared for anything the day (or your baby) throws your way. . . shop Tushbaby today!

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