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If you’re a new parent or soon-to-be parent, you’ve probably started to think about car seat safety for your newborn. With them being so little, how do they stay secure and safe? One of the features of a carseat to keep your newborn safe is called a newborn car seat insert.

This blog will review what this insert is, what function it serves, and when a newborn car seat insert should be utilized. Buckle up, let’s dive in.

Newborn Carseat Insert

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What is a newborn insert?

A newborn carseat insert is a part of the car seat that is designed to provide your baby with added support and security while in their seat. This added support is critical for baby car seat safety in the newborn phase. In particular, most newborn inserts will provide extra support around your newborn’s head. Most baby products will have weight recommendations to help ensure safety. Just like the Tushbaby has a recommended weight limit of 45 pounds, a newborn insert is generally recommended for babies that weigh less than 11-15 pounds. You’ll want to read recommendations for the car seat of your choice. 

What is the newborn insert for?

A newborn car seat insert is used to keep your baby secure in their seat. Since many muscle developments that help babies hold their heads up have not yet occurred in the newborn phase, newborns need extra support to hold their heads up securely. Just as we hold newborns with added head support, a newborn car seat insert is intended to provide that safe head positioning while they are in their seats. Added cushioning around your baby will help keep them secure from moving around in their seat. 

Do you need a newborn insert for a car seat?

As you prepare for a car seat purchase, you may wonder if you need a newborn insert car seat. You’ll soon find that most car seats have this extra safety cushioning as it’s necessary to keep your baby snug and secure in their carseat as a newborn. Any car seat purchase you make should be done while considering what age and weight you will be using the car seat for. 

Are newborn carseat inserts safe?

At Tushbaby, we understand that the safety of our precious babies is a top priority. Just as Tushbaby products are safety certified and safe when used appropriately, the same should go for your car seat insert for your newborn. In researching your carseat, you’ll find that car seats come with all sorts of certifications regarding safety regulations. Be sure to research a carseat best suited for your price range without compromising your baby's safety. We recommend that car seat research starts earlier rather than later so that you’re prepared when your baby arrives.

 A tip from Tushbaby: Adding a car seat to a registry can be a great way for loved ones to help ensure you get the right seat for your baby. Read more about starting a registry and creating a second trimester checklist here. 

What if my newborn is still too small with the newborn insert in place?

If your newborn is still too small with the newborn insert in the car seat, it may signify that you need a different car seat. If you have a very small newborn or premature baby, there are various car seats on the market that may be better suited for their tiny size. If you find yourself in a situation where your baby is still too small for a car seat, you will need to work with your healthcare provider to identify what options are best suited for traveling safely with your baby. 

When to take newborn insert out of car seat

Newborn inserts are designed to keep your newborn baby safe, secure, and sturdy when they’re in their car seat. With time, your baby will grow bigger and develop the muscular strength to hold themselves upright without the added support. Typically this happens at around 5 or 6 months. At this time, you may consider taking out your newborn insert if you have a carseat designed to do so. If you are questioning your baby's readiness and the ability to remove this insert, read the car seat manual and talk with your healthcare provider or pediatrician to decide the length of time necessary to keep the insert in. 

What if my car seat manual doesn’t specify an age or weight for the newborn insert?

As we mentioned, removing a newborn insert can sometimes be at a parent’s discretion. Because of this, the appropriate age or weight to remove the newborn insert may not be in the car seat manual. Some deciding factors for the readiness to remove the insert include age, weight, and the development of your baby. You can always talk with a healthcare provider if you are unsure if your little one is ready for the insert to be removed. 

What if my car seat doesn’t come with a newborn insert?

Finding a car seat that your baby fits properly in is incredibly important for their safety. Be sure that your car seat is designed to accommodate your baby's appropriate age, weight, and other needs. One thing to be cautious of is trying to use a used car seat. With used car seats, you run the risk of them being outdated and even missing parts—including the newborn car seat insert. If you don’t have all of the warranty information, the history of the car seat, or all the parts to keep your baby safe, don’t use the carseat. 

Are there newborn inserts for a stroller?

Having a stroller can make outings with your little one a much more enjoyable experience, as they will have a place to rest and even nap. You may wonder if you need a newborn insert for your stroller if you are using a carseat. When it comes to strollers, there are various ways to ensure your baby has a safe ride. Many strollers can be used by attaching your car seat to them. If your stroller has this option, simply attaching your car seat with its newborn car seat insert will surely keep your baby snug as you head out. If you have a stroller separate from your car seat, stroller inserts for newborns are available in stroller seating as well. As you search for the right stroller, be mindful of the ability to keep your baby secure just as you would in the car. 

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