Pre-Baby Bucket List

Have you ever thought about all the things you’d like to do before having a baby? Creating a bucket list for the time leading up to your baby’s arrival is a great way to be sure you get all those things done before you become a bit more, well, occupied.  Don’t get us wrong; there will be plenty of new and wonderful memories to be made when your baby arrives. Whether you want to soak in every moment of alone time before your baby’s arrival, or are just looking to check all the preparation boxes, here are a few things you can add to your pre-baby bucket list.

Things to Do Before Having a Baby: The Ultimate Baby Bucket List

1. Binge-watch TV shows

If you’re expecting, TV shows will become filled with cartoon characters and surprisingly catchy children’s tunes before you know it. While you have some time, and the remote, to yourself, binge-watching TV is an easy pre-baby bucket list item to check off.  

2. Fancy date night

Date nights after a baby arrives become a bit more complicated with finding babysitters or bringing your little one along. Not to mention, you probably won’t want to bring your baby to a fine-dining restaurant or fancy club. Splurge on time with your significant other before it’s no longer just the two of you!  

3. Spa day

It’s no question that your baby will take much of your attention and energy, sometimes making it challenging to find time for yourself. If you’re expecting, a spa day with a prenatal massage can be the perfect way to get you off your feet and enjoy some ‘you’ time before the baby arrives.   

4. Road trip

Take that trip you’ve always wanted to do along the coast or even across the country. While still possible when babies come along, a road trip before babies means less worry about stops and what to pack along.

5. Fly somewhere new

Traveling is something that many people choose as a must-do before having babies. Traveling somewhere new can keep your pre-baby bucket list exciting and full of adventure. If you are an avid traveler or will be traveling with your baby, be sure to bring along your Tushbaby hip seat carrier. Your carrier will make travel even more seamless, keeping your baby close and your back supported.    

6. Learn a new skill

Taking up a new instrument or even a new hobby is a great way to take time for yourself before you decide to share your time and attention with babies. Even better, you can one day share that new skill with your children.

7. Face a fear

There’s nothing like facing a fear to prove that you’re ready for the ultimate challenge of parenthood. Take a friend or your significant other for moral support, and try that thing you’ve always been scared to do.  

8. Bar or restaurant crawl

Before pregnancy, a bar or restaurant crawl is a great way to enjoy many of the classy, or even divey, spots around town. Getting friends together for a day of food and fun is a great way to create lasting memories and soak in your freedom. Bar crawls can be done on foot or even by renting a party bus or limo. If you live near wineries, even a day of winery touring and tasting can be a great way to enjoy time with friends.

9. Go camping or hiking

Taking on the wilderness can take a bit more precaution when there is a baby to care for. Go on that camping trip or climb to the top of that mountain and check off another adventure from your pre-baby bucket list.

10. Remodel or repaint

There is no time like the present to finish up those house projects you’ve been meaning to get to. If you’re expecting, perhaps one of your projects is painting or remodeling a nursery. Best to tackle that early on as you don’t want to leave that to the last minute.

11. Go to a concert

If you are a music connoisseur, concerts may be something you’re worried about missing out on when you have children. While taking your baby to a concert is absolutely possible (read more below), you may want to enjoy some of your favorite concerts without a baby for your pre-baby bucket list.

12. Run a 5k or marathon

Before getting pregnant, you may have always wanted to knock off a 5k or marathon from your bucket list. If you decide to go for the marathon, be sure to plan plenty of time to safely train and complete your marathon before pregnancy.

13. Establish an exercise routine

While a routine will surely change when a baby comes along, sustaining habits you’ve already put in place will be much easier if you’ve been consistent. Establishing a routine now will help you carry those healthy habits into motherhood.

14. Visit local tourist attractions

Being a tourist in your own town is rather easy to tackle off a pre-baby bucket list. There are likely plenty of local attractions to check out and enjoy with friends, family, or significant others.

15. Learn to cook

If you’ve never been much of a chef in the kitchen, learning to cook can be a great way to gain new skills and prepare for motherhood.

16. Get a pet

A pet can be the perfect addition to a family before deciding to have children. If you’re expecting, be sure your pet addition will be good with children.

17. Get a wellness check

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, getting a wellness check can ensure you’re in good health to have a baby. If you’re expecting, a wellness check and establishing prenatal care will be a must on your pre-baby bucket list. 

18. Shop for baby items

Shopping for baby items and creating a baby registry can be one of the most exciting pre-baby bucket list items for expecting mothers. While this can start as early as you’d like, be sure not to hold it off until late pregnancy to avoid unnecessary stress. Learn more about must-have baby registry items and a complete second-trimester checklist.

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