Tips for Where to Store a Stroller

Having a stroller offers many benefits for parents. From becoming the family’s bag storage for a day of adventures to allowing your baby to rest when they’ve had enough, a stroller is pretty much a must-have item for parents. One of the challenges many parents face when it comes to strollers is how to store them properly.

Some strollers fold up nicely, making storing a bit more convenient. For bulkier strollers or housing situations with limited space, storage for strollers can require some creativity.

Keep reading as we review many solutions if you’re questioning how to store strollers. 

Storage for Stroller

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How do you store your stroller indoors?

Here are some ideas for storing a stroller indoors:

Hang stroller on wall

If you have some wall space you can utilize, hanging your stroller on the wall can be a great way to keep it out of your way. There are plenty of wall mount kits on the market designed for hanging strollers on a wall. Keep in mind this may be a bit tricky for strollers that are challenging to fold up. 

Keep stroller in a closet

Do you have a coat closet hiding somewhere that might just be collecting old jackets and dust? Clear out that space and easily tuck your stroll away behind closed doors. This can be a nearby option for those bulkier and more structurally demanding strollers. 

Store stroller in a mudroom

Keeping your stroller in a mudroom can be a great way to keep it easily accessible. Having your stroller right near the door can even double as your baby’s seat as you help them get their shoes on. If you’re storing it in a mud room, be sure there is enough space to keep the stroller aside to avoid it becoming a tripping hazard as people come and go. 

Under the stairs storage

If you have space underneath your stairs, this can be an excellent option for stroller storage. Depending on the size of the space, you can keep your stroller unfolded and ready to go or folded up to be neatly tucked away. One thing to consider here is the accessibility of getting your stroller in and out. Watching your head in a small space as you try to get a heavy stroller out of a tight place would likely get tiresome quickly. 

Baby’s room

If your baby’s room has some space, storing a stroller in it can certainly be an option. This can be done by folding it up and tucking it in a corner or maybe even sneaking it into a closet. 

Tushbaby pro tip: You can keep your stroller in your baby's room and double it as your diaper bag or toy hanger. Simply leave your stroller with your Tushbaby Stroller Hooks attached. You can clip your Totebaby and have your diaper bag handy, or hang your baby’s favorite toys to keep them out of the way. 

Storage room

If you have a room allocated for storage, this can be the perfect spot for… storing a stroller! As many families with a storage room can probably relate, these rooms can become rather cluttered. A storage room is an excellent alternative if you can safely get your stroller in and out. 


A basement is another great indoor option for storing many of the family’s non-day-to-day things. Remember that if you use your stroller often, carrying it up and down stairs can get rather tiring. If you have a light, easy-to-fold, and easy-to-carry stroller, a basement can be a great option for storing a stroller indoors. 

Outdoor Storage for Stroller

Here are some outdoor tips for stroller storage:


If you don’t have much space inside the house, a garage can serve as a wonderful option for storage needs. This might take some creativity if your garage is already filled with many other things. By using wall mounts and additional shelving spaces, a garage can be turned into a rather functional storage space for much more than just strollers. 


If you’re thinking about storing a stroller in your carport, be sure that it won’t be damaged by any weather, such as rain or extreme heat, that may shorten the duration of life your stroller has. Keeping your stroller covered will help it avoid being damaged. 

Car trunk

A car trunk can be a handy choice whether you don’t have space indoors or you’re just tired of packing up the stroller from inside the house. For a stroller that is a bit bulkier, keeping it in the car can also eliminate any added stress of lugging it far to pack it away. 

Bike tent

As we mentioned, strollers left outside should be protected from any potential weather damage or other wear and tear that can occur from being stored outdoors. A bike tent can double as a storage stroller for just those reasons. A bike tent is also a great option if you have a bulkier, harder-to-fold stroller. The ability to keep the stroller intact and stored outdoors can be a major plus of the bike tent method.

Garden sheds can be the perfect addition for storage to a home. If you already have one, be sure it isn’t full of sharp or dangerous objects you might bump into while getting your stroller in and out. 

Hang by front or back door

Whether you use wall mounts or outdoor shelving, hanging a stroller by the back door can help keep it close and out of the way for playtime. 


If you can’t tell by now, just about any room can double as your next stroller storage option. A greenhouse is not just an available option for stroller space; it can also be beautiful if you’ve got a good garden. 

Common Questions about Stroller Storage

Can you store a stroller in a garage?

You can absolutely store a stroller in a garage! As we mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to make your garage a functional and accessible storage place. How to hang a stroller in your garage will depend on the space you’re working with. From wall mounting to shelving units, a garage can be the perfect storage spot for your stroller. When you consider how to hang your stroller in your garage, keep in mind your ability to lift and carry a stroller from its storage place. 

How do you store a stroller without a garage?

Parents are the best at getting creative, and that’s no different when it comes to stroller storage. There are plenty of ways to store a stroller without a garage. We have reviewed in this blog some ways to store your stroller in the house, outside of the house, and even in the car. 

How do you store a stroller long term?

If you no longer use your stroller on a regular basis, it might be time to tuck it away until the next little one comes along, or perhaps a family member will need it. Storing a stroller long-term can be done in many ways. Keeping it in a basement or added storage room can be a good way to ensure it remains undamaged from any outdoor weathering. 

How do you prevent rust on strollers stored outside?

Strollers can be quite a costly purchase for parents. If you have to store your stroller outdoors, you may be worried about preventing rust from damaging something with that level of investment. By keeping your stroller dry and out of weather conditions, you can attempt to keep it from rusting. This can be done by covering it with things like a bike tent or tarp. You can also purchase products that help with rust prevention on your stroller. Check the materials that these products can be used on to avoid damaging your stroller materials. 

Strollers can make life easier in many ways, but they are large and do require storage. For some parents, a stroller may be out of reach. For other parents, a stroller may only come out for special occasions. Keep in mind that a practical baby carrier can sometimes replace a stroller. The Tushbaby, for example, has five storage pockets and four carrying positions. This open-face hipseat carrier is perfect for on-the-go parents and caregivers that are limited on space. By babywearing, you can keep your baby close and happy without a stroller in tow. 

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