Taking a Baby to a Wedding

Weddings are truly a day to remember forever. Not just for the groom and bride, but also for their families and all guests in attendance. It’s a time for everyone to come together and celebrate love. Bringing a baby to a wedding can allow you to introduce your baby to family and friends, but taking a baby to a wedding does take some preparation. Keep reading to learn more about taking a baby to a wedding. 

Tips for Taking a Baby to a Wedding

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Is it OK to bring a baby to a wedding?

Ultimately bringing a baby to a wedding reception depends on what the bride and groom want. There are many weddings where children are encouraged to come. There are also weddings where the couple will request that you leave the children at home. If the invitation doesn’t specify, it’s always good form to check in with the couple before bringing a baby or child to their wedding. 

Is it rude to take a baby to a wedding?

That answer is totally dependent on whether or not it was okayed by the bride/groom. 

Sometimes weddings are the only time large families can all come together. If babies are welcomed by the bride and groom, it may be the first opportunity for your child to meet many of their family members. Your aunt, who has yet to meet your little one, may think it rude NOT to bring your baby to the wedding. At the end of the day, it never hurts to ask to be sure. 

How do you bring a baby to a wedding reception?

So the bride said all children are welcome. Great! So how do you bring a baby to a wedding reception?  We’ve highlighted some key tips to remember when planning to take your baby to a wedding. 

Have a plan for departure. Will the baby be leaving with grandma and grandpa early while mom enjoys the dance floor? Will the baby stay through the whole reception? Knowing what time your baby will need to leave and who will be taking the baby should be figured out before the wedding day. This can avoid any last-minute stress when it’s  time for your baby to go to bed. It’s also not a bad idea to let the bride and groom know if you and the baby will have to leave early. 

Pack appropriately. Having all the necessities for the day will help you feel ready for anything. Your diaper bag, stroller, and carrier should all be packed and ready to go before you head out the door. 

Earplugs. Wedding receptions can be loud. If your child is staying through the reception, you may want to consider having ear plugs handy to keep those little ears safe. 

Try babywearing. A wedding can mean a long day of sitting and standing. Wearing your baby gives your body some relief while keeping your baby close and happy. The Tushbaby carrier is an open-face hip seat carrier that can easily be worn over your suit or evening dress. The Tushbaby carrier makes it easy to get up and down and bounce your baby if needed. Its open design also makes it easy for your baby to socialize with other guests as you comfortably carry them.

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Most importantly, set realistic expectations and have fun! Bringing a baby to a wedding can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Know that things might not go the way you hope, and that is okay! Babies may sense your stress. So take it as it comes, take the help from family members, and enjoy the celebration. 

What do you do with a baby at a wedding?

When bringing a baby to a wedding, it’s important to have a plan and support. Having a family member, friend, or significant other around to help with the baby will make the day much more stress-free and enjoyable. An extra set of hands makes all the difference when having to feed and do diaper changes outside your normal routine.

Having support is especially important when you happen to be in the wedding party. Oftentimes the baby will see mom standing at the altar and wish they were up there with her. This moment becomes much easier when your baby is with someone they are comfortable with. That, and toys: distraction is key. 

Alternatively, try babywearing. Babies often get overwhelmed by noise and crowds, leaving them wanting to cling to their comfort zone (mom and dad). Babywearing can allow your baby to stay close without overwhelming the caregiver or resulting in a sore body. 

How can I keep a baby entertained at a wedding?

Keeping your baby entertained can help prevent any need to escape the ceremony. Bringing along quiet toys to the wedding is a great way to keep your baby entertained. Be sure to avoid any toys with rattles, singing, etc. Be cautious if using electronics like a phone or tablet. While it may start on silent, curious baby fingers may have Elmo singing midway through the ceremony. 

How should I pack the diaper bag for a wedding?

Be just as prepared for a wedding as you would for any outing with a baby. Pack enough bottles, diapers, snacks, extra clothes, and even a blanket. No matter how cute that new fancy outfit is on your baby, accidents do happen. Having your diaper bag prepared for the day will help avoid the need to leave the party early. 

How do I change my baby at a wedding?

Because you never know what type of accommodations for diaper changes a wedding venue may have, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan. Tushbaby’s Portable Diaper Changing Pad is the perfect solution as it easily folds up into your clutch or pocket. Whether the restroom has an actual changing table or not, this easy-to-use and easy-to-fold changing pad will allow you to keep your baby’s tush from touching potentially questionable surfaces in a public place. 

Should I take a stroller for baby to a wedding?

If you’re bringing your baby to a wedding, a stroller is definitely not a bad idea. With wedding festivities lasting through the day or night, it's a good idea to have somewhere comfortable for the baby to rest or nap. When bringing a stroller, just be mindful of keeping it out of the way. Sitting in the outside aisle is a good way to avoid people tripping over the stroller or having it end up in all of the bride and groom’s snapshots. Snagging yourself a seat in the outer aisle also allows some peace of mind if your baby becomes unhappy mid-ceremony. This strategic spot will let you discreetly sneak away to settle your baby. 

Should I take a baby carrier to a wedding?

Weddings can be a long time out and about for what your little one is used to. A baby carrier is a great way to keep your baby close and calm for the wedding. Because it can also be a long time for a baby to sit in a stroller, it is nice to have the support for carrying. Having a carrier like the Tushbaby hip carrier allows you to look stylish while holding your baby while providing both of you with the comfort needed to enjoy the day. Tushbaby’s ergonomic hip carrier gives you lumbar support to enjoy those moments with your baby. Just think about how cute your baby will be taking that slow dance with you!

The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is the best-selling carrier on the market, and once you try it, you’ll understand why. The Tushbaby Carrier was created by moms who understand the daily struggles and importance of keeping your baby safe and your back pain-free. It was designed with intention, love, and the hope of making your day-to-day life easier. Tushbaby offers a strap-free, ergonomic hip seat that evenly distributes your baby’s weight. With 4 carrying positions and plenty of storage pockets, the Tushbaby Carrier is made for parents on the go. It is strap-free, so be sure to support your baby with at least one hand. Active parents with babies that love to be part of the action should use the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier. 

Taking a baby to a wedding? Try the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier today!

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