Tushbaby is a Game-Changer for Kids With Special Needs

Meet Conner and his mama Jenny.

Conner was born prematurely — at 24 weeks — and spent six and a half months in the NICU.

He was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Visual Impairment, Epilepsy (controlled), and G-Tube dependence. But this little man just turned three in February. Happy Birthday Conner!

At three years old, Conner weighs 25lbs and isn’t sitting or moving independently yet. This means Jenny spends a lot of her time carrying Conner, and switching him from side to side to give her hips and arms a break.

When she heard about Tushbaby — a simple carrier that distributes your little one’s weight evenly — she decided to give it a go. We chatted with Jenny to understand a little more how she’s using Tushbaby, and what both she and Conner think.

Tushbaby: A Game-Changing Special Needs Carrier

1. How often and where do you use Tushbaby?

    I take my Tushbaby everywhere. I use it every time I leave the house for quick errands, and for longer trips to the zoo, the aquarium, and to carry Conner in and out of therapy. I keep it in my car so I can grab it whenever I need it.

    I even brought it with us to Los Angeles for our three-week stay and am so thankful I did. I used it around our AirBNB to get things done while holding Conner.

    2. How has it helped?

      Before Tushbaby, I couldn't hold Conner longer than 10-20 minutes before needing a break. He’s not sitting up on his own yet, so his core strength is weak. When he’s really tired, he’s dead weight and it is impossible to hold him for extended periods of time. Since getting Tushbaby, I’ve been able to hold Conner for hours with no problems. It’s saved my back and arms, and has turned sometimes frustrating activities into something enjoyable for not only me, but for Conner too.

      Tushbaby is also so much easier to manage than a stroller (even an umbrella stroller) and I can push a cart while carrying Conner with it.

      I use the pockets for my keys, wallet, and phone. And even if I bring a diaper bag, I can wear the diaper bag, the Tushbaby and Conner with no problems!


      3. What does Conner think about it?

        Conner loves Tushbaby! He likes being at eye level when he meets new people because he’s very social. And he can interact with me when we’re out and about instead of sitting in his stroller, which makes him really happy.

        I’ve noticed that Conner’s become more curious since we started using Tushbaby. I assume he’s seeing more of the world from this new level.

        He’s really been able to enjoy our outings so much more with Tushbaby. As I said before, I use Tushbaby at zoos and aquariums and it allows Conner to be closer to exhibits, which is helpful with his Cortical Visual Impairment. Before, I would have to take him in and out of his stroller to see things, which is frustrating for both of us. And with his vomiting challenges, I often would opt not to move him for fear he’d throw up.

        Now Conner is able to be more involved with the world, socialize with more people, and generally feel more included. Tushbaby has truly been a gamer changer for me — and for Conner.


        *Please contact customerlove@tushbaby.com for special needs discounted pricing 

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        I could use one of theses. Our son has Down Syndrome. He going to be four this month and weight 26lbs. He walks but gets tired easy and wants to be held. He is a joy to be around!! Awesome product!!

        Jennifer Worsencroft February 18, 2020

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