Why We Started Tushbaby

Tushbaby came about out of pure and simple necessity: we couldn’t find an easy, comfortable way to carry our kids, and we knew other parents had the same problem.

We found it to be a pain in our arms and a strain on our backs to shift our kids from hip to hip every five minutes. Strollers were too bulky. Strap-in carriers were too complicated. And wraps and sacks were too hot and sweaty.

Tammy, our Founder, prototyped a solution, wore it to a local park, and was practically tackled by 12 mothers and fathers asking her where they could buy one. Right then, she realized she had created a truly problem-solving product and began working closely with designers, manufacturers, and pediatricians to create a safe, ergonomic hipseat carrier for caregivers of any age.

What was created was Tushbaby, a unique, strapless baby carrier to help caregivers carry their kids comfortably, stash their stuff conveniently, and save their backs—thankfully.

Tushbaby isn’t just for Moms and Dads; it’s excellent for any caretaker of any age. Perfect for grandparents, babysitters, and parents with children with special needs who tend to be late walkers or can't walk, Tushbaby offers a unique, strapless baby carrier that helps people carry their kids comfortably and easily access the things they need.

You can use Tushbaby pretty much everywhere: while running errands, at the park, on a walk, during play dates, hanging out at home, and during travel. You can even use Tushbaby as breastfeeding support.

Tammy Rant, Founder

Tammy Rant is an entrepreneur, mother of three, and Oprah fan. Though the order of importance is debatable.

Tammy couldn't find the solution she wanted when it came to carrying her children easily and comfortably. So she created her own with Tushbaby, an ergonomic hipseat that evenly distributes weight to reduce back, arm, and hip strain, and has built-in storage, always with the goal of simplifying parenting.

At six months pregnant, Tammy went on SharkTank and pitched her product. Tushbaby proved to be a commercial success not only in the U.S, but also reaching parents internationally in Europe and Asia — garnering hundreds of 5-star reviews from caregivers around the world.

Sara Azadi, Co-Founder

As mama and marketer, Sara instantly knew that Tammy had created a game-changing product that would truly help parents—and became wildly passionate about getting the word out.

This passion stems from personal experience. Sara’s daughter loved being held and hated being tucked away in a stroller or squished in traditional, complicated carriers. Sara decided it was simply easier to carry her daughter on her hip and did so for several years. In 2017, she had to have shoulder surgery and still suffers from sciatica today. Since then, she’s made it her mission to reach as many caregivers as possible with a better carrying alternative. Hello, Tushbaby.

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