How to Celebrate Baby’s First Holiday

The holidays are a special time for families to carry on old traditions and start new ones for themselves. Parents often look forward to the magical time of celebrating their baby’s first-ever holiday season. With holidays tending to become a busy time of year, you may wonder how to best prepare for your baby’s first holiday season. Keep reading for tips to make your baby’s first holiday season special, memorable, and enjoyable for the entire family.

15 Tips to Make Baby’s First Christmas Holiday Special

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What should I do for my baby's first Christmas? What should I do for my baby’s first holiday season?

There are so many ways to celebrate and make a baby’s first Christmas or holiday season magical. What’s most important is that you enjoy it! Find things that are special to you and your family, not what you feel pressured to do by others. Here are a few fun ideas for the family for your baby’s first holiday season:  

1. Look at lights

Drive around town to check out all the twinkling lights and holiday décor. No matter what stage of development your baby is in during the holiday season, getting to see them soak in all the lights and their surroundings can be an incredible experience. If you’re walking around to see the lights, the Tushbaby makes it easy with four different carry positions and accessible snack storage!

2. Buy matching pajamas

A common tradition held with many families is wearing matching pajamas on Christmas morning. Deck your family out in matching gear and snap some photos to cherish your baby’s first holiday pajama set.

3. Take family photos

Investing in professional photos (or having a friend take some for you) is a great way to stamp this memory forever. Tip: you can use these pictures for holiday cards or even frame some baby photos as gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.

4. Buy a baby’s first ornament

Buying an ornament to mark your baby’s first holiday is a great way to remember it for years to come. Handmade or handprint ornaments are a cute and fun way to celebrate your baby’s first holiday with some family crafting.

5. Plan where to celebrate baby’s first holiday

It can feel challenging navigating the wants of other family members, especially if you have to choose between different homes to celebrate. While this pressure can be stressful, remember that your family is excited to share in the excitement of your baby’s first holiday. Plan where you will celebrate your baby’s first holiday so that you can figure out your travel plans and pack the necessities ahead of time. Holidays tend to be a busier time of year between festivities and preparation for your own celebrations at home. A plan will help make your baby’s first holiday a much more enjoyable experience.

6. Purge old baby items

As your baby will likely be showered with holiday gifts, you may want to take some time to make room for the new things to come back home with you. Clean out those clothes that no longer fit and the toys that just don’t catch their interest anymore. You can always store these if you’re hoping to use them again for another child or donate them to a friend or local charity.

7. Create a wishlist for baby’s first Christmas presents

Family and friends are likely to be just as excited as you are for your baby’s first holiday. Since it’s the season of gift-giving, it can be a good idea to create a wishlist for a baby’s first Christmas or holiday presents. While everyone will mean well with their gifts, they can easily get carried away with gifting for your baby. Creating a wishlist will help ensure that family and friends don’t buy things you don’t approve of. Many friends and family will actually be thankful to have the guidance, as they may not typically purchase things for a baby (or it may be a long time since they’ve needed to).

8. Start new traditions

As we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of traditions you can start with your family, from matching pajamas to yearly ornaments. No matter how big or small your traditions, be sure they are low-stress for you. Many parents can feel pressure to make things perfect for a baby’s first Christmas or holiday season, which can take the fun out of the holiday. Meaningful memories are all you need to start traditions for your family!

9. Read holiday books with baby

So many benefits come from reading to your baby, so it never hurts to start reading to your baby as soon as possible. Reading holiday books is a great way to enjoy your baby’s first Christmas and holiday season while promoting learning and development. 

10. FaceTime party for baby’s first holiday

If you live far from loved ones or choose to spend your holiday at home, a FaceTime party can be a great way for everyone to get in on the excitement of your baby’s first holiday.

11. Decorate baby’s room for the holiday

Between festive lights or your favorite holiday character stuffed animals, there’s no shortage of options for decorating your baby’s room (or your whole home) for a holiday.

12. Chart baby’s growth

There are plenty of ways to mark your baby’s growth each year. To keep a holiday tradition, you can mark your baby’s growth on a wall or simply take a picture of them next to the same object each year. It will be so fun to look back at pictures each year of how tall your baby is next to the tree!

13. Create a Christmas card or holiday card for baby’s first holiday

Creating a Christmas or holiday card is a great way to send holiday wishes to all your loved ones while celebrating your baby’s first holiday season. Whether you use family selfies, professional photos, or those matching pajama pictures, holiday cards of your baby’s first Christmas will surely end up displayed in many families' and friends' homes during the holidays.

14. Plan a holiday staycation

Traveling with an infant can become a bit stressful, especially during the holidays. Take the stress out of holiday travel and do something close to home. This can be a great way to create lasting memories for your baby’s first holiday.

15. Plan around baby’s routine

No matter what stage of development your baby is in for the holidays, you’ve likely started establishing some sort of routine for feeding and sleeping. If you’re traveling to loved ones for the holidays, plan how to best accommodate that routine. While things may not always go as planned, it never hurts to be prepared. If you’ll be traveling, do so efficiently. Traveling with a Tushbaby can protect your body, while keeping your baby close and happy. Plus, the Tushbaby has storage pockets to keep essentials close by. The Tushbaby carrier is easy to get up and down with, making it even more ideal for airplane trips. Here are some tips to help you stay prepared.

  • Pack all your diapering and feeding essentials. Pack along your Tushbaby carrier to make feedings much more comfortable no matter where you spend the holidays. The Tushbaby can convert from a baby carrier to a breastfeeding pillow with a quick shift of the baby’s position. 
  • Keep ALL of your personal baby items handy. The Totebaby allows you to store all of your necessities, which will be important if you plan to take baby to any holiday parties.
  • Don’t forget the Paci. Your Paci Pod will help keep your pacifier clean and handy for moments when your baby may need some extra soothing. Your baby may become overstimulated with many people and new surroundings during the holidays. Keeping an eye out for these signs and knowing how to soothe your baby if it happens will help keep your family’s holidays merry and bright. 
  • Share the love. If you plan to travel to see family, bring your Waistband Extender along so that others can take turns carrying baby in the Tushbaby (and give mom and dad a much needed break). 

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