Best Baby Carrier for Large Bust

Baby carriers are a great way for mothers to have extra support while they carry, feed, snuggle, soothe, and bond with their babies. For mothers with large breasts, that support is even more critical due to the additional strain they already experience on their chests. Often, finding carriers to suit these bodily needs can be a challenge.

Enter... the Tushbaby carrier—because no mother or caregiver should have to feel strain while caring for their child. Keep reading as we review what to look for in a baby carrier when you have large breasts, which carrier type is best, and how Tushbaby can help you find comfort and much-needed support while carrying your baby or toddler.

What is the Best Baby Carrier for Large Breasts?

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What to look for in a baby carrier for large breasts:

Some of the most common challenges women with large breasts face when finding the right baby carrier is finding something that provides added support and can adjust to their busty frame. Women with larger busts often experience strain in their back and neck due to the extra weight carried in front, which is why supportive bras are critical for posture in women with larger breasts. 

Pressure can increase while carrying a baby when you already have a larger bust, leading to strain or chronic pain. So how do women with large breasts find a carrier that accommodates their needs while keeping their baby safe and comfortable? Here are a few aspects to consider when looking for the best baby carrier for a large bust: 

  • Support, support, support: As if we haven’t stressed this enough, a supportive carrier is a must-have for women with large breasts. It’s best to avoid adding any extra stress on your shoulders or neck, which makes hip carriers a more suitable option for women with larger busts. Tushbaby’s hip seat carrier offers built-in lumbar support to promote proper posture and reduce the risk of pains and strains.
  • Adjustable:  A carrier should be able to adjust with you and your body as your baby grows from infancy. Tushbaby’s Hip Seat Carrier extends up to 44 inches around the waist, and you can add additional length with Tushbaby’s Waistband Extender. This makes Tushbaby a great baby carrier for plus size moms and allows parents to share their Tushbaby with caregivers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Lightweight: Your carrier should be lightweight to minimize any additional weight that can cause added strain to your body. Avoid bulky or heavy carriers that will only amplify stress on your shoulders or neck.
  • Evenly distribute baby’s weight: A baby carrier should properly distribute your baby’s weight so as not to intensify the added pressure on one shoulder, side of the body, wrist, or neck. Tushbaby’s Hip Seat Carrier helps to evenly distribute your baby’s weight around your torso when used in one of the four carrying positions, including the feeding position. With added support for nursing and feeding, Tushbaby’s carrier is the best baby carrier for breastfeeding, especially when you already have a larger bust and enough pressure on your neck as it is. 

Types of baby carriers for large breasts

The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is one of the best choices for women with large busts, primarily due to its ergonomic hip design that does not interfere with the bust. As you consider the various types of carriers for women with large breasts, there are advantages and disadvantages to look out for. 

Here are some of the most common baby carrier types and considerations if you have a large bust: 

Sling carriers for women with large busts

Sling carriers are typically made from soft and breathable fabric, which can be an attractive trait for women seeking a comfortable carrier. For women with larger breasts, it’s important to consider that some sling baby carriers are intended to be worn over one shoulder, almost like a sash. While the fabric may be comfortable and soft, you may not be doing yourself any favors when it comes to providing proper support. Wearing a sling over one shoulder when you have larger breasts can potentially amplify any tension, strain, or pain you’re already feeling in your shoulders or neck. 

Wrap carriers for women with large breasts

With many wrap carriers on the market, you may be considering if this option is suitable for you if you have larger breasts. Wraps are long pieces of fabric that must be wrapped around your body, which can become a challenge if you have a bustier or larger frame. While wraps can certainly be stretchy and adjustable, they can take some serious practice to get the hang of and may not provide the support you need (and deserve!).

Structured carriers for women with large breasts

Structured carriers can look similar to a backpack in that they have straps and buckles, and often a shaped design to carry your baby in front or on your back. The pros of structured carriers include the ease of use compared to wraps, which are typically harder to adjust and learn to use. Some things to remember with a structured carrier are that they can be bulkier than other options, cause back strain, and trap more heat. For women with larger busts, this heat can intensify and make you and your baby uncomfortable. 

Hip seat carriers for women with large busts

Hip seat carriers are the best option for women with larger busts. When it comes to brand, Tushbaby is the hands-down best hip seat carrier whether you are looking for the best hip seat carrier overall or the best hip seat carrier for larger busts. As we’ve mentioned, Tushbaby is a strap-free, ergonomic hip seat baby carrier that helps you carry your little one longer and more comfortably. With the carrier being worn high and tight above the natural waist, women with larger busts can escape the unnecessary added pressure on their shoulders that other carriers may induce. Putting on and taking off your carrier is a breeze with an adjustable velcro waistband and buckle closures. Tushbaby also offers a Waistband Extender to add 23 extra inches for those needing more room around the waist. 

Other considerations for the best baby carrier for large breasts

While the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is the best baby carrier for women with large breasts, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind. No matter the carrier you choose, it’s important to check the weight restrictions to ensure you find a baby carrier suitable to your child’s age, weight, and any other unique needs. Tushbaby’s Hip Seat Carrier is a wonderful option for babies from newborn to 36 months, or up to 45 pounds. You can use your Tushbaby carrier for extra support while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, and easily transition it as your baby grows and is strong enough to sit upright.

The Tushbaby can be used in three other carry positions, all evenly distributing your baby’s weight across your body and allowing them to interact with you and the world around them. Women with larger busts understand that there is enough pressure on their necks, shoulders, and back as it is. Let the Tushbaby ensure no snuggles are cut short due to any additional strain on your body!

Support your body on the journey of motherhood. . . shop Tushbaby today!

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