Taking a Baby to a Restaurant

So. You’ve had your baby and now you’re eager to get back to some normalcy. While you may be hesitant to take your baby to a restaurant, it can be an excellent way to socialize your baby and get the family out of the house.

Here are some tips to make your experience a little easier.

Tips for Taking a Baby to a Restaurant

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Is it OK to take a newborn to a restaurant?

While newborns can be susceptible to infections and may not always enjoy crowded, noisy places, taking them to a restaurant is perfectly okay. In fact, exposing your baby to public places like restaurants can help build their immune system.

When can I take my baby to a restaurant?

Most health experts support that it’s safe to take a baby of any age  to a restaurant, but you should follow some basic safety precautions. Avoid direct sunlight if you choose to sit outside: while the sun can offer much needed Vitamin D, babies should have limited sun exposure. Wash your hands frequently and keep social distance between your baby and other guests. Finally, be selective about where you go out to eat. Pick an atmosphere that is family friendly and offers enough space for you and your baby to relax and enjoy a nice meal.

How do I keep my baby quiet in a restaurant?

There are a few things you can do to keep your baby quiet in a restaurant. With babies, timing is everything — choosing a time when your baby is generally in a good mood,  not sleepy or hungry, can help set you up for a better time at the restaurant. Packing toys can also help keep them occupied. For babies that like to be close to their parents, try babywearing at the restaurant. 

If all else fails, it's ok to step outside for a few minutes to calm your baby down. 

How do I take my 3 month old to a restaurant?

Taking your three month old baby out to a restaurant can be daunting, but with some planning, you can make the experience enjoyable for both of you. 

Choose a restaurant that is family-friendly and has a relaxed atmosphere. This will make it easier to deal with any crying or fussing that your baby may do. Try to go during off-peak hours so that you won't feel rushed or anxious. It also helps to bring along some snacks and toys to keep your baby occupied.

Finally, bring your Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier! The Tushbaby Carrier offers a safe and supportive way to carry your baby and can double as a space to lay them for breastfeeding.

Is it OK to breastfeed at a restaurant?

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing that no mother should be ashamed of doing in public. If you need to breastfeed at a restaurant, go for it. Of course, covering up a little and getting your baby in a comfortable position can make feeding a little less awkward. The Tushbaby Carrier can also be used  as a pillow that you can lay your baby on for a comfortable breastfeeding position.

How do I entertain my 1 year old in a restaurant?

One year olds are notoriously active, and keeping them entertained in a restaurant can be exhausting. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep your little one occupied. Bring along some small toys or activity books, and try to choose a restaurant that has a kids’ menu or activities available. Sit near the exit so you can make a quick escape if necessary. If things get too overwhelming, don’t feel the need to stay.  

How do I keep my 10 month old entertained at a restaurant?

One challenge of parenting is finding ways to keep your kids entertained while still enjoying your own time out. If you're taking your 10 month old to a restaurant, keep these tips in mind to make the experience more fun for everyone. 

Bring along their favorite toys or stuffed animal friends for them to play with while you wait for food. Next, make sure they are seated in a comfortable position, even if that means babywearing. Don’t forget to humor them if they want to play; even though you’re out of the house with plenty of distractions, your baby will likely still want attention from you.

Where does a newborn sit at a restaurant?

The best place for an infant to sit at a restaurant is with you. For most of us, this means babywearing. While some restaurants may have slings that can hold your car seat, it’s best to bring along the safest option, which is a baby carrier. A stroller may also be an option, but it can take up a lot of space. The right baby carrier should be comfortable and easy to eat your meal with.

What do I do if baby only wants to sit with me at the restaurant?

Parents often have to dine out with their children, and at times, this can be tricky. If your child is young and only wants to sit with you at the restaurant, lean into it. Find a baby carrier that makes babywearing the most enjoyable for you while keeping your baby close and safe. The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is a top choice for parents and is doctor-recommended for both you and your baby.

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The Tushbaby Carrier features a supportive seat that puts your baby’s hips in the pediatric-recommended “M” position to promote healthy hip growth. The carrier sits high and tight above your hips, protecting your muscles, joints, and bones with built-in lumbar support and an adjustable waistband. In addition to its comfort and support, it offers 4 carry positions and 5 storage pockets to stash your stuff. There’s room for diapers, wipes, toys, and personal items, and with two-way zippers, everything you need is easily accessible on either hip. For restaurant outings, you can wear your baby without having them completely strapped to your body, giving you more freedom to eat and your baby more opportunities to be involved in the meal. The Tushbaby Carrier fits newborns to 36 months, and up to 45 pounds. Don’t forget, that you can also use it for breastfeeding support!

It’s only a matter of time before your next trip to a restaurant with a baby, so keep these tips and tricks in mind, and  try the Tushbaby Carrier today. Here’s to bringing a little more ease to your everyday life — and supporting your back and arms so you can carry your kids pain-free.

Try babywearing for your next restaurant outing. . . order the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier today!

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