Taking Baby to Church: How to Make It Easier

While you may be hesitant to return to your normal Sunday church routine with a newborn, our best advice is to give it a go — with the proper gear. To keep your baby happy and quiet, carry them comfortably using the Tushbaby Carrier. With the Tushbaby Carrier, you can sit or stand while keeping your baby secure or use it as a breastfeeding pillow if needed. It helps to keep your baby close and happy while providing your body with plenty of upper body and lumbar support.

Getting them up and down with the Tushbaby Carrier is easy, so if your baby is crying, step to the back and bounce them, and you’ll be back to your seat in no time. Keep reading to learn more tips on bringing a baby to church.

Tips for Taking Baby to Church

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When should you bring a baby to church?

Some parents may wait around 4-6 weeks after birth to take their baby to church, but the decision is entirely yours. When you’re ready to take your baby to church, you’ll take them! 

How do you take a baby to church?

One of the best ways to take a baby to church is in a baby carrier. Churches are not exactly stroller friendly, nor are hard wooden church benches. By taking your baby to church in a carrier, you can keep them close, which may soothe them and reduce any fuss. Specifically, the Tushbaby Carrier can make getting up to bounce your baby or calm them down easy without straining your body. If you go to church with a baby, you should sit at the end of the pew and toward the back of the church if possible. If your baby cries for an extended period, it’s polite to step out if needed. 

Can I babywear at church?

Babywearing at church is the best way to keep your baby comfortable and happy. You may be thinking, “how will I sit with my baby strapped to my back?” Well, not allll carriers are worn like that, and some even offer more than one carrying position. The Tushbaby Carrier is a hip seat carrier that allows you to rest your baby on your hip facing frontward, backward, in a feeding position, or on the side of your hip. It’s ideal for sitting or standing with a baby around the house and on the go. 

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What do you do with a baby at church?

It's natural to want to take your baby with you to church. After all, babies are a part of the family, and churches are places where families can come together to worship. However, knowing how to keep a baby occupied during a long church service can be tricky. Here are a few tips.

Try to sit near the back of the church so you can quickly exit if needed. This will help reduce the amount of disruption caused by a noisy baby. Bring some toys or other objects to keep your baby's attention; a soft toy or rattle can help keep your baby calm and occupied. Snacks are also a great way to keep your baby occupied. 

Also, be prepared to nurse or bottle-feed your baby if necessary. The Tushbaby Carrier doubles as breastfeeding support, making your life even easier on the go.

How can I occupy my baby at church?

There are several things you can do to keep your baby occupied during church. If you can, choose a church ceremony that is around your baby's naptime. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy a sleeping baby at church. More realistically, though, if your baby is awake, you can occupy them with snacks or soft, quiet toys. They may also find entertainment in everything that is going on around them.

How do I keep my baby comfortable at church?

Church can be a great place to socialize your baby and introduce them to a community, but it can also be overwhelming for them. Here are a few tips to help you keep your baby comfortable at church.

  • Dress them in comfortable clothes
  • Bring along a blanket or shawl in case they get cold or in case you need privacy to nurse
  • Pack snacks or be prepared to breastfeed
  • Babywear them in the Tushbaby Carrier!

Most importantly, don't worry if they make noise or make loud movements during the service - babies are welcome in church!

What if my baby cries at church?

Babies cry. There’s no avoiding it. And sometimes, there’s no controlling it. By babywearing with the Tushbaby Carrier, you can quickly and easily get up to bounce and comfort them to stop the crying and keep their bottle in a convenient place to calm them down. Fellow church-goers should understand that crying is natural, but of course, you’ll want to be courteous to the church experience. Don’t be afraid to step outside for a few minutes if needed. 

How can I breastfeed my baby at church?

Breastfeeding your baby in church can be daunting, but with a little planning, it can be done discreetly and confidently. Make sure you wear clothing that is convenient for breastfeeding and bring a blanket or towel. If you wear your baby in the Tushbaby Carrier, you can use it to rest them on for breastfeeding support. The ability to take them from comfortably sitting on the carrier to laying on it without interruption can make breastfeeding a breeze. 

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The Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier is the best-selling carrier on the market, and once you try it, you’ll understand why.  Tushbaby offers a strap-free, ergonomic hipseat that evenly distributes your baby’s weight so that you can carry your kid longer and more comfortably. The Tushbaby Carrier was made by moms who understand the daily struggles and importance of keeping your baby safe and was designed with intention, love, and the hope of making your day-to-day life more manageable.

With 4 carry positions, 5 storage pockets for diapers, wipes, and personal items, and the ability to double as breastfeeding support, the Tushbaby Carrier is a must for taking a baby to church.

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