Best Baby Carrier for Around the House

Parents have a lot on their plates, in and out of the house. And while you’re home, your baby very likely wants to be in your arms. While these snuggles can be welcomed and wonderful, prolonged durations of baby holding can cause some serious strain.

A baby carrier can help alleviate that by providing added support. Keep reading as we review some of the benefits of using your baby carrier around the house. 

Best Baby Carrier to Use Around the House

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Can you use a baby carrier around the house?

Absolutely! And we encourage it. As we mentioned, there’s plenty on parents’ plates (and in their arms) while they’re at home. Carriers can help relieve some of the added pressure and strain from holding and feeding your baby.

There are many reasons to use a baby carrier around the house. Here are just a few of the many ways you can benefit from wearing a baby carrier around the house: 

  • Wear while doing housework: Doing chores with a baby is no small feat. Having a carrier to wear around the house can help free up an extra hand for things like vacuuming, straightening up, laundry, and more. Wearing a carrier while doing chores is a great way to keep your body safe and your baby close while checking all those things off your to-do list. It’s also a great way to get extra bonding time with your little helper.
  • Wear while you work: Many parents nowadays find themselves working from home with a baby. With many remote and hybrid jobs available, working from home has become a popular option for parents to save time from commuting or being away from home, meaning more time with family. When you’re working from home, your baby or toddler may not understand that they can’t have your attention allll the time. This means finding ways to get the work done while also giving your baby that needed attention. Carriers, like the Tushbaby Carrier, allow you to interact with your baby while one hand is free for things like emails or calling into your next Zoom meeting. 
  • Getting ready for work: Before you head out for a day at the office, you’ll likely spend some time feeding or holding your baby in the morning. Getting ready for work with a baby can be made much easier with the support of the Tushbaby carrier. Use your carrier while you prepare for the day, and for added support during your baby’s morning feed. Tushbaby’s hipseat carrier can be used in the feeding position to evenly distribute your baby’s weight across your body and free up a hand—meaning you can finish your bagel while your baby feeds too! 

How do you transport a newborn around the house safely?

While carriers are a fantastic tool for making baby holding around the house more enjoyable, not all baby carriers are suitable for newborns. Be sure to check what weight and age restrictions a baby carrier has before deciding it’s the best option for your newborn. When moving around the house with a newborn, be sure to properly support their head and neck and keep them close to your body.

Important features for a baby carrier to be worn around the house

  • Easy to put on and take off: There are many reasons this feature is important for your around-the-house baby carrier. Most importantly, your baby will likely want (or need) to be up and down throughout the day. Battling with complicated straps won’t make this transition easy, especially if you don’t have a second set of hands to help you adjust your carrier. And that can lead to a fussy baby, which no one wants.
  • Lightweight: Heavy and bulky carriers will not make going about your day with a baby at home any easier. Tushbaby’s hip seat carrier is lightweight and offers five storage pockets, making it incredibly useful (and practical) throughout the day. Store your phone, your baby’s necessities, or hey! Even your office supplies can live in one of the five roomy pockets.  
  • Adjustable: Having a carrier that is adjustable means that whoever is home with your baby can use it. Whether it’s mom, dad, a grandparent, or another caregiver, having an adjustable carrier will maximize the use of your baby carrier around the house. If you need extra space around the waist, you can purchase the Waistband Extender for your Tushbaby hipseat carrier to extend the waistband to a total of 70 inches in length.  
  • Lumbar support: One of the greatest benefits of babywearing is the ability to get added support for your body. Having a baby carrier that gives you the right lumbar support will allow you to get much more out of your day. This also means not having to cut any baby snuggles short due to back or arm strain. 
  • Comfortable for moving around, bending over, etc: While baby wearing around the house, you’ll likely be doing some multi-tasking. A carrier that allows you to move around comfortably and safely will be key. Keep in mind that bulky carriers can get in the way of accomplishing things that need to be done around the house, especially if you constantly need to adjust them. 
  • More considerations to think about: Choosing a baby carrier for at-home use should be all about comfort for you and your baby. If your baby is new to babywearing, this can take some trial and error to find a carrier that best suits both of your needs. The Tushbaby carrier can be a great option as it gives your baby the same feeling of security without any feeling of restriction or fabrics to get accustomed to.

Best overall baby carrier for around the house 

The best overall baby carrier for around the house is the Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier. With no complicated straps, it’s easy to get on and off throughout the day. Plus, its lightweight and adjustable design means you can comfortably move around the house without any extra bulk in your way. Tushbaby even offers five storage pockets to stash personal items and baby essentials, and each pocket boasts two-way zippers for quick access on either hip.

Best of all, it’s comfortable and safe for both you and your baby. With your baby’s weight evenly distributed across your body, your arms and back will thank you. Tushbaby’s hipseat carrier benefits your baby by keeping their legs in the recommended ‘M’-shaped position for healthy hip development. Babywearing also helps promote emotional development and bonding for babies. 

Best wrap carrier for around the house

There are plenty of wrap carrier brands on the market. Ultimately, the best wrap carrier for around the house will be one you feel comfortable putting on and taking off yourself. Wraps are long pieces of fabric that wrap around your body to simulate the comfort of the womb for your baby. While stretchy and lightweight, keep in mind that wraps can take some practice to get on and off. If you’re comfortable with wraps, they can be a great option for at-home use. However, babies will grow out of wraps and may want more freedom to move around as they do; with Tushbaby, four carry positions allow parents to hold their child more comfortably and conveniently as they grow from infancy well into toddlerhood.

Best sling carrier for around the house

Like wraps, slings are typically made from soft and breathable fabric. Worn over one shoulder and across your body, wraps can be thought of as similar to sashes. Remember that wearing a sling over one shoulder can cause strain throughout the day since your baby’s weight isn’t distributed evenly. This can quickly become a problem for long days of babywearing at home. 

Best baby hip seat carrier for around the house

Tushbaby’s Hip Seat Carrier is the best hip seat baby carrier for around the house. It’s the ultimate tool for a successful day at home with your baby. For doing chores around the house, working from home, making meals, or even getting ready for work, the Tushbaby hipseat carrier frees up an extra hand and helps you spend quality time with your baby while accomplishing everything that needs to be done throughout the day. 

Life with a baby. . . simplified. Shop Tushbaby today!

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