Taking a Baby to the Movies

Doing activities with your baby is a great way to stimulate their development while creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. While bringing a baby to the movies can be challenging, it certainly can be done. The Tushbaby Carrier can make going to the movies with a baby a little easier. And that’s not the only thing that can be easier with the Tushbaby Carrier.

By taking the Tushbaby Carrier to the movies, you can avoid lugging in your entire car seat. If we’re being real here - most babies don’t want to sit in their car seat at the movies anyways. Babies love to be close to their humans and babywearing allows them to do just that, while protecting the wearer's body.

Here are a few things to consider as you decide whether or not to bring your little one to the big screen.

Can I Take a Baby to the Movies?

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Is it OK to bring a baby to the movies?

Whether you are a new parent seeking the normalcy of getting back out doing things you enjoy or a parent with older children dying to see a new movie, you may be wondering if it is okay to take your baby to the movies. With the right preparation, bringing your baby to the movies can be a positive experience for the whole family. Who knows, maybe your baby will enjoy the movies as much as mom and dad! 

How your baby may respond to the setting may vary depending on their age. A newborn may be able to sleep through the movie, while an older baby may be more bothered by the stimulation of the noise and lights. Either way, you  want to be mindful not to disrupt others who have paid for tickets to see a movie. 

Are newborns allowed to be in movies?

While newborns may be allowed to be in the movie theater, there are a few things to consider to plan accordingly. The most important factor to consider is the loud noise in a theater. The loud sounds of a theater may cause damage to a newborn’s hearing that can be irreversible. If bringing a newborn to a night at the big screen, you will need to ensure you have high quality ear protection. This  can come in forms of ear muffs or ear plugs. Keeping the baby safe is the number one priority. 

Can you take a 2 month old to the movies?

There are no hard fast rules for what age is okay for babies to go to the movies. Ultimately it is up to you as parents to gauge whether or not your baby would be okay in the movie theater. Given the right protection and preparedness, a movie with your baby can be a positive and enjoyable experience. 

How can I keep baby comfortable at the movies?

Keeping your baby comfortable at the movies will be the key to enjoying the movie with minimal disruptions. The best way to keep your baby comfortable at the movies is by keeping them close to you. Whether it is to feed or to snuggle with mom, your baby will feel more safe and comfortable close to you. Having a hip seat such as the Tushbaby is a great option for keeping the baby feeling comfortable and safe during the movie. The Tushabbay Hip Seat Carrier features an open design so that your baby will be able to sit comfortably and see the movie and their surroundings. Not only that, the memory foam lined seat provides the best seat in the house for your baby’s tush as you enjoy the flick on the big screen. Having a hip seat carrier will also avoid the need to lug the baby’s carseat into the theater! 

What time of day is best for taking a baby to the movies?

If it’s  your baby’s first time going to the movies, it may help to choose a less crowded time of day. A matinee or early showing tends to not only be less crowded, but less expensive too. The minimal crowd will be helpful as you adjust to how your baby may react to being in the movie theater. Also, a cheaper showing may be best in the case you find yourself needing to leave early. You may not feel so bad having saved that few extra bucks on your ticket in the case you don’t get to stay to enjoy the whole show.  

What should I do if my baby cries in the movie theater?

If your baby cries in the movie theater, it is best to sneak out to avoid disrupting others who are enjoying the show. Knowing that your baby may cry during a movie, it is nice to have an exit plan. Choosing a seat closer to the aisle will help you to avoid shuffling through the crowd if you find yourself needing to leave. Don’t be too discouraged if your baby cries, it happens. This doesn’t necessarily mean missing the rest of the movie. If you are able to calm your baby outside the theater, you can always head back in for another attempt to catch the ending! 

What do I need to bring to the movies for my baby?

Along with the ear protection for your baby, don’t forget about all the other necessities you would take with you for any activity out of the house. This includes diapers, bottles or snacks, and even an extra set of clothes. As much as we hope an accident doesn’t happen at the movies, it’s best to be prepared anyways. Having that extra set of clothes will allow you to pop out for a quick wardrobe change instead of having to leave the show before the best part. Since movie theaters aren’t generally designed for little ones, you’ll want to make sure you have a safe seat for them as well. 

Other Tips for Taking a Baby to the Movies

Having a baby doesn’t mean that all of the things you enjoy go out the window. If seeing a movie on the big screen is something you are missing, bringing a little one is possible with the right preparation. Here are some tips to help ensure a positive experience getting back to the theater: 

Arrive early: Like we mentioned, getting a seat on the aisle or close to the exit will help provide the least disruption if you find yourself needing to leave the theater. Whether it is to calm your fussy baby or  quick diaper change, having a seat on the aisle helps you sneak out discreetly. Arriving early helps you ensure you get the first pick of the seats that will be best for you. 

Enlist support: You won’t regret having an extra set of hands for your first outing taking your baby to the movies. Having the support of a family member or friend to help with carrying the baby items or holding the baby will make the movie experience even more enjoyable. 

Pack the right supplies: Having ample snacks, bottles, diapers, and extra clothes will help you and baby be prepared for whatever may happen during the movie. Snacks are a great way to keep the baby occupied and happy with a full tummy. Quiet toys are also a great option to keep your baby distracted if the movie you are loving doesn’t happen to quite catch their interest. Just avoid rattles or toys with sounds so as to not disrupt your neighbors, or the whole crowd. 

Don’t forget your Tushbaby Hip Seat Carrier: Keeping your baby close will help them feel calm and comfortable no matter who is holding them. The Tushbaby Carrier allows the baby to sit comfortably in 4 various positions as you  enjoy the movie experience. Remember, the Tushbaby hip carrier gives your baby’s tush the best seat in the house. The Tushbaby Carrier puts your baby’s hips in a pediatric “M” position which can prevent hip dysplasia. In addition, it evenly distributes the baby’s weight so that the wearer is protected too.

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The carrier can also double as a breastfeeding pillow, just another way it can support you and your baby (check out How to Nurse in Public). It gets better though - the carrier features 5 storage pockets so your essentials can be easy to store and grab. Tushbaby also offers a Changing Pad that can fold up small enough to fit in your pocket or the carrier. Traveling as efficiently as possible is key to enhancing any outing with a baby. Designed with intention, love, and the hope of making your day-to-day life easier, Tushbaby has your back. . . literally!

Confidently take your baby to the movies with the Tushbaby Carrier. . . order yours today!

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